I have been considering making a BIG change on how our customer support works. The idea came to me during my last visit to Stackideas.com - the best Joomla extension provider in the community (at least it is in my book). The support forum just blew me away with the Flattr button located at the bottom of each answer. When I found the answer to my problem, I could “thank” the author with Flattr. This allows them to later exchange this donation for real cash $$$. If you do not how Flattr works, jump over to the Flattr page website to get an insight.

Over the last few weeks, I have spent a lot of my time digging deeper into Flattr. I strongly believe it is the perfect system for our JoomlArt community along with our current private ticket system (using Kayako) and open support system on our forum (running Vbulletin)

So my question is:

Will you pay $30/year to have all your Joomla questions answered?

Will you pay $30/year to have all your Joomla questions answered?

This Flattr-alike support system will:

  • Work like other Q&A platforms such as Quora, Stackoverflow.... ANYONE can raise questions related to JoomlArt products, and ANYONE can answer them. This allows YOU, our Support Team (Admin / Moderators) or any other JoomlArt user to answer a question
  • For $30 per year, you will get answers to all of your Joomla questions.
  • We leave it up to you to decide on whether or not to accept an answer as the best solution to your question. The more accepted answers you collect over time, the more money a person can cash out at the end of the month.
  • It is a fantastic way to show your appreciation and respect toward a fellow JoomlArt user.
  • We embrace SHARING knowledge and experience and we believe in the POWER of the community.
  • Current JoomlArt members will have $30 - value* credited to their account in this new system.

Will you join Flattr-alike Q&A platform?

If the answer is YES, I have another question for you:

If I can implement a system like that in early 2014, are you ready for it?

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this in the comment area. As a sign of goodwill, I will give each and every commenter a Flattr. :)

Thanks for your time.

*A little side note added on Thursday 11:24:30p.m GMT - 4:

  1. This $30 is not in cash, it's merely the *$30 flattr-alike value (it can be points, credits, karma..you named it) credited, however, it's not 100% sure of this stage yet, as we need your feedback on this before proceed to any further implementation.
  2. This mainly to encourage you guys to test the system out once it goes live.
  3. As this system will run independently with our support system, it's striving to empowered the value of SHARING within our community. The system will truly be transparent then and YOU guys - the communities - are in charge.

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