Warning: It’s gonna be a long read, and thank you for reading to the end.

And I guess you may want a quick answer to the question in the subject. The answer is YES. And we are almost ready for the Beta Launch, and the access is limited to signup users only.

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3 weeks ago, I asked you guys to help me on the question that has been on my mind for days and I'm thrilled with all the responses I received here at this blog post. Here is the main highlights you guys have brought to my notice:

“While sounds interesting in the 1st hand, it looks more like a transition from free Support system to a annual billing support subscription. so No.”

Dimitrios Alatas

“Yes, if those questions are answered to the full and in 6-12 hours”


“I would definitely be prepared to pay 30$ for some better support; i would only prefer have this better defined and fully then implemented”

Nikos Sakkas

“I only feel that this would be beneficial if support staff who are genuinely knowledgeable are providing answers. Too often do we someone who "thinks" they have the correct answer provide the wrong one. I say leave the support to those who know the product the best and that is the developers.”


“Not for me. Since support option removed from club membership benefits, are you going to reduce the prices for those who don't get support for the templates?”

Some are excited, some are afraid, and some just hate it

Some are excited, some are afraid, and some just hate it

Some of you are excited, others are clearly against it and the rest is curious and can't decide until the system is officially launched. So it narrows down to:

  1. The $30 fee
  2. Will JoomlArt's support system be a paid system and excluding from the membership subscription?
  3. Is the system all for JoomlArt's products?

I have been clarifying those above points to everyone in the comment section, but I think I should go through those again, so we all can be on the same page with no more misunderstanding.

1. $30 monthly fee

Guys, this is a yearly fee, and it not a monthly payment. This money WILL NOT be JoomlArt's asset. It's your deposit in the system where you'll pay to whoever you think they deserve for. We are not gonna get any benefits off it, hands down!

2. JoomlArt will not shut down any of the existing support systems

Yes, Both the private ticket system or the forum will still remain. The new system will stand on its own, and it will fondly put you guys in charge. As we said on the previous blog post, we firmly believe in SHARING and the COMMUNITY. The system is merely to encourage and promote these two value. We believe the answer each of us has been seeking for is lying in someone out there within the community.

3. This system is applied for anything Joomla related

As this is going to be the system serving for you guys' benefits, it will not be limited to just for JoomlArt's products only. It can be everything surrounding Joomla CMS.

Although coding for food does not apply to anyone, rewarding should be taking more seriously as in this century, we all sometimes are not well appreciated and unintentionally neglected other helps and supports on a daily basic. If we show our appreciation often enough (this does not have to be money related, appreciation comes in different shape and forms, ways and words), it would create this intangible huge motivation for just about anyone to offer help whenever others in need.

This is the original picture I have on my mind for the new support system, but somehow it has driven to a different track on the previous post. For that, I blame them on my sloppy writing skill and vocab. Hopefully, from this point onward we can be all on the same page.

I also want to update you guys on the status of the system. As it can be extremely complicated to code, we kick start this simple with a basic Q&A first. Then later adding in the processes and point system. We will keep this Q&A platform private for a while and we welcome YOU to join and be a part of something BIGGER than it seems.

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