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JA Focus Joomla 3 Best Joomla Template for News and Magazine websites

JA Law Firm Joomla 3 Best Joomla template for lawyer and business websites

JA Small Biz Joomla 3 Creative Joomla template for Business websites

JA Edenite II Joomla 3 Simple and Clean Business Joomla Template

JA Mood Joomla 3 Community and Social Joomla Template

JA Company Joomla 3 Corporate and Business Joomla template

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JoomlArt is one of the most experienced Joomla! templates providers. With over 10 years with Joomla! (and even Mambo), you can't be wrong choosing us.

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Robust T3 Framework gives you complete control over each content block. Create, edit and assign custom content with ease.

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Our responsive Joomla templates give you the distinct look and feel while being very easy to adapt and customize.

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Peter Bui, Co-Founder - pbwebdev.com & joomlabe.at

"What an amazing lightning speed framework! Not only do you have full control of your layout and design through this framework, but you can also easily create layouts for different mobile devices all through the t3 framework template options - I love it! "

Tessa Mero, Joomla Instructor. Dev. Open Source Contributor

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The most powerful template framework at your fingertips. Take full control of your design masterpiece.

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Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 features comparison: 15 new things to take note

Joomla 4 alpha 1 was released on 17 November 2017 with huge updates and major developments to improve user experience (UI), code quality and giving Joomla! large functionality improvements with limited backward compatibility breaks. Let’s do feature comparison between Joomla 4 and Joomla 3.

Free Xmas Logo Decoration 2017 Recap

Our Free Xmas Logo Decoration exclusively for JoomlArt users has just come to an end and we just also finished sending some last Xmas logos for you. Please check your post in the forum HERE to get your logo(s). From the beginning of the campaign, we received around 117 posts and logos sent from our beloved users. However, our designers have worked hard to deliver our best 77 logos decoration and...

[INFOGRAPHIC] 9 exciting Joomla 4 new features introduction

The next Joomla generation - Joomla 4 will make an end of Joomla 3x. Since the alpha version has sneaked out, we hope that the stable version would be released soon. Joomla 4 will introduce new features, raise the minimum supported PHP version to PHP 7, Media Manager rebuilt as well as remove previously deprecated functionality. Joomla 4.0 uses Joomla! Framework 2.0 and new core User Interface...