Hello folks,

IE7 has been around since 2006. Up to now, roughly 4% market share for IE7 in the browser market worldwide. Most of the giants had dropped support for IE7 like Google, Facebook, Drupal, and Microsoft- its creator encouraged users to auto-update to the latest version of IE.

We have been debating on IE7 Support for a year now and finally decided to say Goodbye to this 6 years old browser due to the followings:

  • Focus on latest versions for better browsing experience of the rich content in HTML5 and CSS.
  • JoomlArt has recently developed a number of responsive templates: JA Elastica, JA Puresite, JA Lens, and the bomb JA Wall which IE7 capability does not cover a certain feature of those templates.
  • The faster and safer in security for web surfing.

Hence as of 1st August 2012, JoomlArt will no longer support IE7 for all templates and extensions.

R.I.P IE7!

Thank you for your contribution. For the upcoming projects, JoomlArt shall continue to pioneer and improve upon the responsive web design for Joomla!. We would announce end of Joomla 1.5 support in the coming months.

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