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As the first Magento theme release for the year 2014, JM iTech is a dedicated responsive Magento theme built for digital and electronic stores. The theme will create an excellent online shopping experience for your store with trendiness and great UI application in the front end along with stable responsive settings, theme customizing tools and much more.

The theme supports responsive layout with off-canvas menu for mobile devices, Megamenu, cool accordion effect and theme customization tool.

Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

JM iTech - responsive Magento theme for your eCommerce sites about digital, games or entertainment

Details  Live Demo

Play around the Live Demo of our responsive Magento theme JM iTech, you can find that even the smallest details are about to give your customers the most comfortable experience within your own site.

Let’s zoom in cool features included in this Magento theme JM iTech, shall we?

1. Trendy design and brilliant user interface design

Flat design

flat design in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Responsive Magento theme JM iTech with a flat design

Flat design is a trend in web design and people will keep talking about it through out this year. We, ourselves, love the idea of being flat. Responsive Magento theme JM iTech comes up with a purely flat and typographical design. Not to mention lots of white space, the bright gamut and a sleek layout with a rational frequency of promotional block, JM iTech delivers a trendy and techie feel in your eCommerce store.

Interactive menu bar

Auto-hide menu bar in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Menu bar in Magento theme JM iTech

In Magento theme JM iTech, we support an auto-hide menu panel in which the menu bar will be hidden when the page is being scrolled down, and only shown up when the page is being scrolled up. This witty little touch helps you to save space for more content and also gives viewers a new interaction experience.

Vertical Megamenu

Mega Menu Magento extension in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Vertical Megamenu in JM iTech

Megamenu in responsive theme JM iTech supports a new setting for menu icons: now you can add flat icons into the menu to present the content instead of plain text as before. Besides, you can still impress your viewers right from the vertically sliding menu with professional organized categories, sidebar and featured images or videos.

Accordion effect

Product pages in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Accordion effect for Product pages in JM iTech

Being focused and simplified as possible, we use the accordion effect in JM iTech to display product details. Shoppers can read selective content get away from being distracted from a mass amount of content.

JM Slider Magento extension in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Suggesting boxes in JM iTech

Another plus to stack the space, the Related Product box displays as slider so that you can give more products suggestions to your viewers. Also in the Special box in Homepage, the product list is presented under tabs. Your customers can head over the exact tab that they want. You can define each tab with a little icon as well.

Product labels

JM Product List, Magento extension in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Items tags in JM iTech

Also in term of product displaying, you can add labels for any specific items with Hot / Sale / New or whichever tags that you prefer.

Product Quickview

JM Quickview, Magento extension in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Pop-up item details in JM iTech

In responsive Magento theme JM iTech, your shoppers can have a quick and sweatless access to item details thanks to Quickview function supported in the theme. A click on an item in the Category page, a pop-up window will appear with the detailed information. There will be no need for any reloading product pages.

2. Features for a Magento theme with Responsive layout and Off-canvas menu

Responsive layout

Responsive layout in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Responsive layout for different devices in JM iTech

Responsive layout is the one of the most important factor for a Magento site to be mobilized for Mobile Commerce. As a responsive Magento theme, JM iTech is perfectly adaptable and can rock your content on any mobile and tablet device. The theme changes automatically to fit in the actual collapsed screens that your viewers are using.

Off-canvas menu

Off-canvas navigation in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Off-canvas navigation for different devices in JM iTech

Magento theme JM iTech supports Off-canvas menu for better navigation experience on mobiles and tablets. Your mobile customers can surf through your store and will never afraid to be lost ever again.

3. Practical theme customization tools

7 alternative theme colors in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Theme color settings for JM iTech

We offer 7 default theme colors for you to choose or switch around. Check this out:

JM Basetheme, Magento extension in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Personalizing color theme for JM iTech

Or course, if you want to have more colors and more control in theme design, you have a powerful tool packed in your back-end already: JM Basetheme. With this Mangeto extension, you have in hand unlimited color choices to personalize your whole theme: from background color to details in header, footer or text.

5. Some more plus points

Multi-language and multi-currency options in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Languages and currencies alternatives for JM iTech

If you want to think global and reach out for oversea customers, remember that responsive Magento theme JM iTech is ready to turn your site into various languages and currencies.

Also, JM iTech supports Shop By so that your shoppers can search for items at ease according to the product attribute. Accordion effect is supported to make the results clear and organized.

Shop By in Responsive Magento theme JM iTech

Shop By filter function for JM iTech

Wrapping up

Totally flat, friendly interface, smart in functions, these words may wrap up the review about JM iTech. Let this responsive Magento theme re-craft your site with the techie feel!

Download  Documentation

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