JM Mega Menu - Magento Platform Extensions


If you want to improve your online store usability and navigation, JM Mega Menu extension is exactly what you need. It offers the most effective way to organize the products and categories.

Front-end View

JM Mega Menu now gives you the ability to dynamically get your categories from your Catalog and display them within the navigation. Besides, the menu can be targeted and styled via css easily.

Essential to eCommerce success is allowing shoppers to quickly and easily navigate a website’s content. With JM Mega Menu, featured products or promotional image can be shown within the menu itself.

JM Mega Menu also brings you the convenient way of showing multiple contents like contact form and banner. Besides, you can embed your video directly inside the menus for sharing services like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

Main Features

  • Dynamically getting categogries from catalog and display in Navigation.
  • Easily being targeted and styled via css.
  • Quickly and easily navigating in a website’s content.
  • Showing featured products or promotional images within the menu itself.
  • Showing multiple contents like contact form and banner.