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Update: Crafts is now available for Magento 2. Check it out in the live demo here

Our August responsive Magento theme JM Crafts is full with the romance of autumn, a perfect fit for any handmade accessories of crafts shop. This must be the perfect Magento theme for those who wish to impress their shoppers with the artistic and vivid feeling!

Technically, JM Crafts is fully armed with Magento extensions. Here comes the list: JM Slideshow for homepage product slideshow, JM Basetheme for smoother color customization, eye-catching category header including titles and graphics with JM Masshead and not to forget JM QuickView to serve the viewers at most convenience! Along that JM Crafts presents refreshing ideas for every traditional module.

responsive Magento theme JM Crafts for handmade and crafts stores

JM Crafts - elegant Magento theme for artistic e-stores

Live demo   Download

Let’s find out some of the outstanding points in this compelling responsive Magento theme!

1. A responsive Magento theme with innovative design

JM Crafts with willowy design

Elengant design of JM Crafts

Like no other Magento themes before, JM Crafts is designed especially for handmade products. Presenting big product images in grid view with some little lines of product information with the graceful pastel gamut, this theme gently grabs viewers’ attention as it shows off your pieces of art in the most artistic manner.

In addition, static blocks for advertising are well blended as well so that you can add space for promotion without disturbing your customers.

effective static blocks in JM Crafts

JM Crafts with effective static blocks

In all, JM Crafts design is a mixture of effective white space, trending pastel gamut, sleek grid view along with willowy lines and texts.

2. Mega Menu at highest level of accessibility

JM Crafts with Mega Menu

In JM Crafts, Mega Menu is the same.. yet different

You must be already familiar with the Mega Menu in our Magento themes: This winning Magento extension allows you to display all product categories into columns and promote featured product at the same time.

Same but different, in this JM Crafts theme we offer a new concept: sticky Mega Menu in full width design. The Mega Menu will be displayed in full-screen, which gives more space for your menu: you can add as many menu items as you want along with featured products and even promotion banners.

Besides, being sticky means your customers can quickly access the menu and navigate the store from anywhere.

JM Crafts with My Cart quick access in Mega Menu

Mega Menu now even supports My Cart quick access

Not stop here, we add My Cart quick access as a menu item on the Mega Menu. This little idea helps your customers easily check out the shopping cart without redirecting to the shopping cart page. How comfortable it is!

Thus, with this refreshing Mega Menu, responsive Magento theme JM Crafts can strongly enhance your e-store navigation and usability.

3. JM QuickView for an instant outlook

JM Crafts with JM QuickView

JM QuickView for the best comfort of viewers in JM Crafts

Supporting Magento extension QuickView, JM Crafts enables your customers to sneak in the product overview without direct to the detail page; all are well presented in a popup window.

Besides, Ajax cart is also applied so that customers can add a product to cart and keep shopping without entering to shopping cart page. No more lost customers, no more lost sales!

4. Off-canvas navigation for responsive Magento theme

Off-canvas navigation in JM Crafts

JM Crafts with Off-canvas navigation feature

Off-canvas menu is a perfect solution when it comes to narrow screen resolutions. Taking advantage of off-the-screen space, Off-canvas keeps your Magento store always having a hidden menu and ready to be displayed whenever needed. Either in the office or on the go mode, your customers can easily reach out to your store and find it comfortable to navigate and shop. Please read the blog post about Off-canvas navigation solution for responsive Magento themes for a further review.

5. Other significant settings:

Don’t you want to personalize the site yourself? With JM Basetheme, your choice of skin color is unlimited! Easy to edit with just a click, you don’t need to be an expert to get the most pleasing style for your own JM Crafts.

JM Basetheme in JM Crafts

JM Crafts with unlimited choices of skin colors with JM Basetheme

Also, to make sure you will have the most convenient monitor over your own site, the most flexible settings such as default skin colors (which are up to 5 charming ones!), language and currency alternatives are listed right in the Control box in the top panel.

Control box in JM Crafts

Control box in JM Crafts

To sum up..

Much more than a lovely Magento theme at the first sight, our JM Crafts is truly convincing in term of features and stimulating in term of concept. Check the Demo for more illustrations – you know words never speak enough! And don’t ever forget catching up with us – our Magento theme for the tempted September.

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