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Update: We've developed a new basetheme from the ground up for Magento 2. Check it out in the live demo of Crafts theme here

Everyone is different when it comes down to color choices. Some love red, and some just happen to hate it. For the last few years, we have designed theme and picked out all the “popular” colors in the family such as yellow, red, orange, blue, green, purple and pink for our beloved Magento geeks, hoping to cover the color preferences of everyone out there. But, does it cover all? No, even each color has its own shades.

Making theme styles for each particular color takes good amount of time and it’s unbelievably hard for us to provide more 9 color themes. With JM Basetheme extension all these problems are in the past now. It enables users to take full control of styles and color them the way they want to down to every pixel.

JM Base Theme Features

Easily customize color schemes

Easy theme color customization

What can you really customize?

Theme components you can customize

Personalize your product grid and List view

Personalize your product grid and List view

And don't skip the Product detail page

Style your Product detail page

From now onward, All of our Responsive Magento themes will have JM Basetheme as core feature bringing you great flexibility in theme customization.

Here are the recent themes which have this awesome feature:

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