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This blog post will show you the flow diagram of the Joomla site builder including workflow of: View page, Edit page, save data and publish page.

Check out the flow diagram below:

Joomla site builder flow diagram

JA Site Builder flow diagram

View higher resolution

Here is short explaination for each stage.

1. View page

Access Joomla site builder

View Joomla site on browser

This is standard workflow, when you access a website from browser, it will call to the website, in this case, it is your Joomla site then the site return page content.

2. Edit page

Edit joomla page with joomla site builder

Request Edit a Joomla page

When you login as Admin, you have permission to edit pages with JA Site builder tool, when you hit the "Edit Page" button, it will call to your Joomla site to check permission, if the user have permission, it returns the site and page info then requests tools and blocks data

3. Save data

Edit content on joomla page

Data is auto saved while editing

When you edit a page, the data is auto saved and it is saved as draft version, whenever you open the edit mode of the page, you will see the draft version, when the updates are published, user can see the updates. We already have plan to implement revision that allows you to save data as revision and revert to revision you want.

4. Publish page

Publish a joomla page

Request to publish a Joomla page

When you hit the "Publish" button, the page is compiled to HTML and send request to your Joomla site to publish the page, the Joomla site will store the page html content and exit the edit mode and redirect to the page vew and user can see the updates.

When the page is published, all content, images, etc are stored in your site, not in JoomlArt server and in that stage, your Joomla site has no connection to JoomlArt server. You can move your site to any hosting without any issue.


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