This year Joomla extensions team wants the community to get more involved in the JED Editor's Picks nominations. They are asking the users to nominate favorite extensions by filling out this nominations form. You can nominate as many extensions as you like but it has to be submitted before October 14, 2010.

JED Editor s Picks Nominations

We think that's a great approach; i.e to ask members for their preferences first and get a better idea of what the crowd deems useful before selecting the final Editor's Picks. So we encourage all our members here at Joomlart to actively give your votes to help Joomla's team to give credit to the best developers for their contributions to the community.

Of course it is difficult to pick out only a few where there are so many outstanding extensions, but if we have to choose only five, our favorites would be:

Akeeba backup

We all know how frustrating it is if your server crashes and new updates on your site all get lost. Previously known as JoomlaPack, this extension is truly a life saver. With new features (pro) you can even drop your site backups to offsite locations & with cronjob its auto. Hats off to Nicholas D. for this wonderful component. You have been saving lives of Joomla Developers.


With K2, you can transform your Joomla website to a news/magazine site with author blogs, product catalogs, work portfolio, knowledge base, download/document manager, directory listing, event listing and more. We use it on our JoomlArt template club and all our latest 7 templates have special styling for K2. We love it.


If it comes to creating your own social community with Joomla, nothing can’t hold the candle to JomSocial. One of the finest component to evolve and appreciated by thousands of happy users. See it in action on JA Sulfur and the latest Template JA Social. JomSocial remains to be amongst the hottest request by Joomlart’s members


JoomlaBoard to FireBoard and now Kunena, may be the oldest Joomla Forum extension around, name changed but the core and values remain unchanged. Kunena is preferred by thousands around. JA Salutes the developers for their efforts. View our JA Sulfur Theme for Kunena

Agora Forum

This demo should give you an idea why we choose Agora Forum for one of our latest template demo. Tons of feature, ease of use and great guys behind it.


It's the best and agile SEF component available, the new version adds the Google analytic and other cool features. Needless to say, we use it on our site.

Compojoom Comment

Its the one which is used by the Offical Joomla! Magazine Site. Ajax based, spam protection - IP ban, akismet and recaptcha support. Integrates in Jomsocial, douzens of plugins for other components such as K2, sobi, docman. Support for threaded comments. Profile support from K2, CB, JomSocial - gravatar integration, rss feed for comments

Why Nominate?

Why these extensions? These are very matured and handy extensions which power many websites, Joomlart's included. Thumbs up to our friends who created them and hopefully your contributed add-ons will make it to the top of JED's Picks.

And if you are using and like our JA Extension Manager, JA Amazon S3, JA Comment you can consider nominating our contributed extensions to be included as well. This would make our developer team feel honored.

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Thanks for your participation,
Joomlart Team