Joomla extension search Module - JA K2 Filter at JoomlArt has been around since Joomla 1.5 and still going strong in Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 version. Apart from its search default functionality, JA K2 Filter has recently updated with 4 outstanding features: Extra field search mode, Dynamic Counter, Filter by rating, and Range slider. What are those features and how to use them?

The powerful Joomla extension search module : JA K2 Filter and its new outstanding features

1. Extra field search mode only

Normally, you have both the Standard fields as well as the Extra fields all together in one search module, now you can choose to include or exclude the standard fields to have your search module displaying in only the extra fields mode.

Extra field search mode only

In addition, when you're in Extra Fields search mode, the results will display items that associated with the extra fields only when users decide to left the search field blank.

2. Dynamic Counter

Your filtering fields’ counter are updating as soon as a category is chosen. That sounds quite vague, let me get that clarified in picture mode.

Here is you filtering fields before selecting any category:

Dynamic Counter before

This is how the counter works after choosing a specific category

Dynamic Counter after

3. Filter by rating

This is added into your Standard fields. You can now search based on rating criteria of the items. The rating search can be done with the rating sliders

The rating slider

You can filter all items within 3 - 5 stars by slide the left bars up to 3 stars, and keep the sight bars at 5 stars.

Filter item within 3 - 5 stars

4. Range slider

Similarly to Filter by rating feature, but you can apply this method to other filtering fields as you wish. Woohoo!

Range slider

These features in JA K2 Filter sure to make users search experience much more exciting. All these are available in both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x version. If you haven’t tried out JA K2 Filter yet and its search functionality, you are definitely missing out. Visit its Demo and Download the extension here:

Live demo   Download

Share with us on your JA K2 filter experience so far and what more you would like to see in next version below in the comment section.

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