Some of you may already be familiar with our heavy and complex Document system in Forums for both Joomla and Magento. Frankly speaking, Forums is not a good place to read userguide and documentation. Userguides and documents were put as forum threads and posts and in which we have received complaints from our users that they could not find documentation anywhere or it’s hard to view and follow. Understand the issues, we have started working on our new documentation site, along with new live site development.

After 2-month of effort, we are glad to introduce the all new Documentation site with a complete makeover in term of design and structure.

1. A separate site for documentation

No more forums! We have developed a separate site to contain all the documentation. In this site, we maintain and update userguide for all Joomla and Magento products. All the userguide for our Magento themes & extensions are already uploaded. As for Joomla userguide, we have only updated the latest ones and will continuously update others soon. We also have a menu to link to T3 Framework documentation site.

New Documentation site for Joomla and Magento templates and extensions

New Documentation site for Joomla and Magento templates and extensions

Go to Document site

How to access?

  1. The traditional way: on Homepage, click on Support Menu > Documentation and you will be redirected to our Documentation site.
  2. Or you can simply type “/documentation” right after our domain

Anyway you want, it’s your call!

2. Better design and organizing

On this new separate Documentation site, we have styled in such a way that would bring you the most comfort while viewing our documents.

Search box

Put right on homepage of our Documentation page, Search box has a filtering option by Category. Have your search term and now you can filter the search and quickly find what you are searching for.

Search box on Homepage with filter option

Search box with filtering option

Sticky menu for better navigation experience

This feature goes along with our new site! A sticky menu is applied and now you can navigate the whole site without losing track.

Sticky menu for Documentation site

Sticky menu for Documentation site

Anchor links

On each single documentation page, we apply anchor links for each section on the right sidebar. With this one, you can quickly navigate straight to the section you wish to view, instead of blindly go through all the section, with a chance of missing it. Bonus point: this sidebar is also sticky and can be moved along the content.

Anchor links on single document site

Anchor links on single document site

3. Who can access it?

Our documents were not open to everyone, and you needed to be our active member in order to log into Forums and view them. However, in the new Documentation site, you will find that all the documents are all open to everyone, anyone can access and view it. Sharing is power!

Road map

For the future plan, we will update and publish all the guides and documents for Joomla templates and extensions that are Joomla 3 & Joomla 2.5 compatible.

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