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Note : Responsive Magento theme JM Gamestore is now Magento 1.8 compatible!

This October, our responsive Magento theme JM Gamestore is a big hit. Designed in a dark tone of color, with bold typography and cutting-edge blocks, JM Gamestore is dedicated for online games e-stores. The theme is packed with Mega Menu, Off-canvas layout, responsive design and many more handy Magento extensions.

What make it so special? Firstly, this Magento theme features a complete Halloween skin which promises to rock your site on this Halloween event. Secondly, the theme holds a variety of our innovative style and design in which we apply for the first time in this theme JM Gamestore.

Let’s get a closer look at this big fist theme of the year!

responsive Magento theme JM Gamestore

JM Gamestore - October responsive Magento theme for games store

More detail  Live Demo

1. Get Halloween spirit into your sites with JM Gamestore

Halloween theme skin in JM Gamestore

Exclusive Halloween theme skin in JM Gamestore theme

Designed with such an illustrative and fictional outfitter, this responsive Magento theme can catch attention of any viewer easily. To make sure your site will be outstanding in the Halloween event, beside 6 built-in color skins, JM Gamestore comes with an impressive Halloween theme skin with scrary dark background, orange and red as the main colors, flying bats and burning pumpkins, not to mention about dropping blood, black cats, evil witches and bones around the corners. Woot, let's grab this fascinating costume for your site as the most mysterious event of the year is coming!

Halloween footer in JM Gamestore

A footer with Halloween symbolic icons

2. New in the responsive Magento theme JM Gamestore

Responsive Magento theme JM Gamestore holds a chain of little surprise, I must say so. Indeed, what makes JM Gamestore so special is its sophisticated newly revamped of displaying solution for various Magento extensions. Let’s take a look:

JM Slideshow – new style with more illustration

JM Slideshow in JM Slideshow in JM Gamestore

Eye-catching Slideshow in JM Gamestore

Showing up lively right on the top of homepage, this new style slideshow surely will grab attention of all most visitors. The slideshow item thumbnail gets a new vertical style. When viewers click through thumbnail images or the arrows, product images will appear smoothly. With this new style of JM Slideshow, the graphic will be much more interesting and revealing.

A whole different vertical JM Slider

JM Slider in JM Gamestore

New style of Magento extension JM Slider in JM Gamestore

You may get used to our handy Magento extensions JM Slider with the typical sliding type from right to left. However, in responsive Magento theme JM Gamestore, JM Product Slider is redesigned so that content is sliding up and down just like a scroll of paper. For JM Gamestore, this style of slider takes not much space while still showing off a number of products.

Magento product page with focus on product details

Product page in JM Gamestore

Specific Product page in JM Gamestore

Product detail page of responsive Magento theme JM Gamestore is a new experience to express the information of any item in the most professional and detailed way.

In the new design, quick information about a product like name, price, rating, overview and along with social sharing, buy button are designed as a sidebar to the left page. The main content is reserved for product images and main information. We feature a slider which aims to show off big images of products. No distracted advertising block, only a Similar Product box is displayed at the bottom of the page to direct your shoppers to other products.

A revamped style for Magento JM Product List

JM Product List in JM Gamestore

JM Product List is so different in JM Gamestore

Applied for the Best Seller block, JM Product List is used to call out best selling items for each product category under Tabs. So what's hot this time? For the first time we support the Accordion effect for the displayed products. Simply mouse over a product and your shoppers will quickly get brief information about that product. We also put action buttons like Add to Cart, Wishlist and Compare and by this way you can drive more sales and traffic to your products.

3. Other outstanding features for your Magento store

The Mega Menu for the best menu display solution

Mega Menu in JM Gamestore

Mega Menu extension for the best menu display solution in JM Gamestore

If your Magento site has lots of product categories to show off while still want a professional and easy-to-focus contents, our Magento theme JM Gamestore with Mega Menu can help. As an excellent menu displaying solution, Mega Menu will present the contents into columns along with a block to display your featured product or it could be images or videos.

Off-canvas layout for mobile devices

Off-canvas navigator in JM Gamestore

Off-canvas menu for a better navigation in JM Gamestore

Off-canvas layout is a fashionable feature. Applied for Magento themes, it helps mobile and tablet users have better control and navigation experience on your store. Viewers can easily navigate to different parts of the store with just a glide of finger. If you want to attract and get sales from mobile and tablet users (which are increasing in number), the Off-canvas menu is definitely a must-have feature.

JM Basetheme for the ease of theme customization

jm basetheme for the ease of theme customization

JM Basetheme for the most convenient theme customization in JM Gametore

With unlimited color scheme and practical labeling functions, Magento extension JM Basetheme is just what any webmaster using our Magento themes needs to personalize their own stores. Don’t forget the handy interface as well as the responsive settings especially for smartphones and tablets as well. Missed the news? You can always refer back to our JM Basetheme blog post for detailed information.

To sum up

Sophisticated - illustrative - powerful: these words should be the conclusion for me about JM Gamestore – our October responsive Magento theme. Enter the live demo site and enjoy the show now. Be quick as Halloween is coming and your site is asking for a makeover. Peek-a-boo!

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