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Last week, we published preview of JA Joomla GDPR extension and we got very positive feedback plus lots of feature requests. Today, we are happy to announce Alpha release of JA Joomla GDPR extension.

JA Joomla GDPR alpha released

JA Joomla GDPR alpha released

JA Joomla GDPR alpha release details:

The alpha version is released for Joomla core and Custom section - manual deletion request support with main features as below:

  • List Joomla user info
  • Custom section for manual deletion request for 3rd services like: Sendy, Intercom, Facebook,
  • Multiple actions for users: Edit profile, delete profile
  • Admin dashboard to manage user's activities
  • Admin panel with all options built-in for ease of setup and configuration
  • Limited support for multilingual

JA Joomla GDPR installation and setup quick guides:

1. Download and install JA Joomla GDPR package

FREE download the JA Joomla GDPR package HERE

Now, install the package in your Joomla site: from your site back-end, go to Extensions > Manage > Install then browse JA Joomla GDPR installation package to install.

Install JA Joomla GDPR package on your Joomla site

Install JA Joomla GDPR package on your Joomla site

2. Setup and configuration

#1. Create GDPR menu item

Create new menu item and select GDPR Data Collection menu type.

create gdpr menu item

Create GDPR menu item

Now access the menu item, login and user can view their submitted info to the website plus the custom section to manually request deletion.

ja joomla gdpr front-end

JA Joomla GDPR front-end

#2. Configure JA Joomla GDPR component

Go to Components > JA GDPR component > Settings and configure. There are 2 tabs, Joomla and Custom. The Joomla tab is the core settings, Custom tab is to configure custom section - manual deletion request.

configure Joomla gdpr

Configure GDPR of Joomla core

configure custom section of gdpr

Configure custom section - manual deletion request

When a user submits manual deletion request, a notification email will be sent to Administrator.

#3. Admin Dashboard: Tracking user's activity and submited manual request

JA Joomla GDPR admin panel

JA Joomla GDPR extension admin panel

The admin dashboard displays user's activity details. If user request manual deletion, admin can proceed the deletion in the panel.

Feel free to comment, suggest features in the comment box below.

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