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Joomla 4 is on the way of stable release since its alpha 2 version was release on 19th Dec 2017, Joomla 4 is long term support version - LTS, it is major release with many new features have been introduced so far and we can expect more on the stable release. Joomla 4 is developed using all the latest technologies and usability. In this blog post, we will discuss on the new features and improvements that would be available in Joomla 4 stable release.

joomla 4 new features and improvements

New features and improvements to expect on Joomla 4 stable release

Media Manager: more features to come

joomla 4 new media manager

New media manager will work better in Joomla 4 stable

The rebuilt media manager in Joomla 4 is really amazing, it is much more user friendly and more advanced features in comparison with Joomla 3. And we can expect more as this new feature is being improved by Joomla team to make it even better.

  • Restyle media form field
  • File download
  • Move and copy files

More improvements for new backend template

joomla 4 back-end user interface

Joomla 4 back-end UI will be more user friendly

Joomla 4 introduced totally new back-end template based on Bootstrap 4. The new back-end template has major UI and workflow improvements, it also works better on responsive layouts.

The new back-end template is designed to becomes compliant with Level AA of WCAG 2.0. There can be more improvements for the new Joomla 4 back-end template, you can check the Joomla 4 back-end prototype preview

SEO features

SEO is more and more important with website development and this will be more focused on Joomla 4. Joomla 3 already supported SEO features: Schema markup integration in most of the page types, heading structure, metadata, redirection, mobile friendly and more, all those things will be maintained, improved and updated in the new version and there can be more SEO features to help build more SEO friendly websites.

Performance / page loading

Joomla 4 focuses on performance, page loading by cleanup the codebase, improve coding quality, using modern technologies, removing previously deprecated functionality, new rewritten plugin system, minimum PHP 7 requirement, new Joomla framework 2.x

Joomla 4 will fully support accessibility

joomla 4 accessibility support

Joomla 4 accessibility support

For modern web design and technologies, accessibility support becomes very important. Great news for Joomla fan, Joomla 4 will be compliant with Level AA of WCAG 2.0. To implement this, many changes already implemented and introduced in Joomla 4 alpha and more to be implemented:

  • Color: Joomla 4 dashboard color is chosen based on accessibility support with the contrast of UI : 4.8:1 while the contrast requirement for accessibility support is higher than 4.5:1
  • Admin user interface
  • More friendly navigation
  • Configurable control panel

Lean codebase

Joomla 4 will have clean and optimized codebase, use new coding standard, removing previously deprecated functionality.

Installation process

joomla 4 installation process

Joomla 4 installation process

If you have installed Joomla 4 alpha, you can see the new installation process with more friendly UI within 6 simple steps. In stable version, the style would be the same but there can be more features to come:

  • Ability to install extensions (at minimum core supported extensions)
  • Rework sample data installation

Upgrade process

joomla 4 upgrade process

Joomla 4 will be easier to upgrade

Joomla is making the upgrade process more simple with 1-click process to help keep their site up-to-date with latest Joomla version.

To update from Joomla 3.x to Joomla 4, Joomla team will release Joomla 3.9, the workflow is: You upgrade your site to Joomla 3.9 and from Joomla 3.9, you can migrate your site to Joomla 4 but you will need to make sure your template and extensions are compatible with Joomla 4.

Know more about Joomla 4:

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