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The COVID-19 pandemic brought us to a sudden pause and put us all in quarantine. Great communication is the key to overcome these times when the Coronavirus looms large and casts its fearful shadow over every industry. By instilling faith and trust in the upcoming guests, you’re saving your business. And what could’ve done better than a good website? Improve your online presence with our top-notch Hotel website template right today.

Hoteller is the magnificent and elegant Joomla layout pack for Hotel and Resort website that combines all the important elements for a good website: fully responsive, well-tailored design, and fully customizable using 100% T4 page builder visual design tool!

Joomla page builder website bundle for hotel and resort

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The best luxury Hotel website bundle

Home page

joomla page builder template for hotel and resort

From the review, rating sections to content sections, and photos gallery, everything is well-designed to expose the professional and premium presence of your accommodation. Simply win over your competitors just from a stunning Homepage.

Room : List and Detail page

joomla hotel and resort template room pages

  • Room list page: Presenting rooms and other hotel facilities on the internet gets much more comfortable with the use of our template. Categorized sections to help your customer easily search for their favorite ones.
  • Room details page: The most important page to let your guests take action. Whether they would choose this place for the next “home” while traveling or not, is all up to how you present your room. The more detailed information with more pictures could gain more faith in your guests. Our template has smartly organized every piece of information that you need to show beautifully so your guest can simply review the room.

Introduction - About page

joomla hotel and resort website bundle

Spread out your outstanding values to all guests. All the top, high-quality services for your guest will be present beautifully on this page.

Bonus pages: Gallery and Contact

joomla hotel and resort template

  • Gallery page: Providing more and more phenomenal pictures of your hotels will be a huge advantage to win over your guests' trust.
  • Contact page: Last but not least, let your guests contact you through any of their preferred methods.

Applying our template with enticing images and compelling texts, you will win over the majority of users. Smooth animation is used to soften up your visitor’s journey on your website. We focus on developing a trustworthy experience for your visitors on your website.

Using multiple web pages, you can optimize your SEO for the best approach to your customer. It’s all possible to create a stunning website for your hotel with our powerful tool - T4 Page Builder by yourself without any coding knowledge.

T4 page builder version 1.1.6 updated

New version of T4 Page Builder is available for upgrade with 2 new content blocks and multiple bug fixes.

Bug fixes:

  • JS (Javascript) error: unable to open T4 page builder editor page, it is showing blank screen.
  • Cache issue: Editor not showing updates
  • Conflict with DT Register: Can't create category in T4 Builder when using DT Register

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Upgrade instruction

Love our updates yet? All you need to do is simply download our latest version of the T4 Joomla Page Builder component and install it. For more information, please check the upgrade instruction:

Simply download latest version of T4 Page Builder component and install. For more information, please check the upgrade instruction