Installation & Upgrade

This section provides you detail instruction to install T4 Joomla page builder from scratch.

Technical Requirements

T4 builder is native with the latest Joomla 3 version and it will be native with Joomla 4. Please make sure your system meets the following requirements:


  • Software: PHP (Magic Quotes GPC off): 5.6+ (7.3+ recommended)


  • MySQL(InnoDB support required): 5.6+
  • MSSQL 10.50.1600.1 +
  • PostgreSQL 9.1+

Web Severs

  • Apache 2.4+
  • Microsoft IIS 7
  • Nginx 1.0 (1.8+ recommended)

Browser requirement

  • Firefox 13+
  • IE (Internet Explorer) 8+
  • Google Chrome XY and latest
  • Opera 11.6+
  • Safari 5.1+

Development Environment

During the development process, Localhost is preferred. You can use the following servers on your PC to develop your site.


  • XAMPP for Windows


  • LAMP Bundle
  • XAMPP for Linux

Mac OS

  • MAMP & MAMP Pro
  • XAMPP for Mac OS

Download packages

download t4 joomla template builder

Download T4 Joomla page builder →

T4 Joomla page builder download section includes the following files:

  • T4 Page Builder Quicktart: recommended for new project
  • T4 Pagebuilder Package: includes component and plugins
  • T4 Page Builder Component
  • T4 Page Builder Plugin
  • T4 Builder Article integration plugin: for article integration

Quickstart installation

Recommend when you start a new project.

The quickstart will give you a Joomla site with T4 Page builder installed plus a free website bundle.. It also includes T4 Framework and T4 Blank template installed.

Install Joomla quickstart tutorial →

Package Installation

Download T4 Pagebuilder Package then access your website back-end, "Extensions → Manage → Install", browse the package you just downloaded then hit the "Upload and Install"

The package installation includes:

  • T4 Page Builder Component
  • T4 Page Builder Plugin
  • T4 Builder Article integration plugin: for article integration

install t4 joomla page builder

By default, the T4 page builder plugin and T4 Builder Article integration are auto-enabled after installed. You can check this by going to: "Extensions → Plugin Manager".

enable t4 joomla page builder plugin

Can not install the extension?

The most common issue that you could not install T4 Joomla page builder component is due to the Maximum Upload file size. By default, many server allows the maximum upload file size is 2MB so you could not upload T4 page builder component.

t4 joomla page builder installation issue

To fix the issue, you can increase PHP Upload Limit

The maximum upload file size of a single attachment is either the post_max_size or upload_max_filesize, whichever is smaller. The default PHP values are 8 MB for post_max_size, and 2 MB for upload_max_filesize.

You can change these two values in you server's php.ini file or your Joomla root folder's .htacces file, depending on your server's configuration.

1. To increase these values in the php.ini file find the following lines and increase the values:

upload_max_filesize = 20M
post_max_size = 20M

2. To increase these values in the Joomla root folder's .htaccess file add the following lines at the end of the file:

php_value upload_max_filesize 20M
php_value post_max_size 21M

Upgrade instruction

Download latest version of T4 Joomla page builder component and plugins from this page:

Download latest version of T4 Joomla page builder →

From your website back-end, go to: Extension > Manage > Install and install latest version of:

  • T4 Page Builder Component
  • T4 Page Builder Plugin
  • T4 Builder Article integration plugin: for article integration

Update page/website bundle style

For style of page and website bundle, we released in its package and they are released separately with the T4 page builder component.

For the page and website bundles that you imported, you can update its style with 1 click.

Access your website back-end > Components > T4 Page Builder, select the pages to update then click button Style Update.

t4 joomla page builder page style update

Page style update get issue ?

Each page has a unique key that is auto generated when you import. When you select a page to update style, it will compare the key with our system to get style updated.

In case you imported pages/website bundles from RC or lower version, the page key feature was not available at that time so you would need to update the page key manually.

You can download the page key file from HERE, open and copy key of corresponding page then update.

t4 joomla page builder page key update