We are so excited to announce first preview release of JoomlArt’s 2019 core project - T4. T4 will include 2 main products: T4 Joomla Template Framework and T4 Page builder. In this blog post, we will focus on our all new Framework - T4 Framework.

T4 Framework is powerful and advanced responsive template framework for Joomla. It is a modern, flexible and highly customizable framework to build beautiful Joomla websites easier.

T4 Joomla template framework preview released

T4 Joomla Template Framework preview released

T4 Joomla Framework core features:
The all new, modern and flexible Joomla framework

1. Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 READY

T4 is Joomla 3 & 4 ready. We will start rolling our Joomla 4 templates as Joomla 4 goes stable.

T4 Framework compatible with Joomla 3 and Joomla 4

T4 Framework compatible with Joomla 3 and Joomla 4

2. New friendly admin panel

The Template Administration panel is completely redesigned with new UI and better UX to give users the best experience.

T4 Joomla framework new admin panel

T4 Joomla Framework new admin panel

Real time preview

Everything becomes more visual, view your site preview while configuring.

T4 Joomla framework real time preview

T4 Joomla Framework new admin panel

3. Powerful layout builder

T4 Framework comes with super powerful layout builder tool, make it easy and fun to build from basic to complicated layout without any coding.

T4 Joomla framework new layout builder

T4 Joomla Framework advanced layout builder

Flexible settings for Row and Columns

The layout builder provides many configuration options for row and column: container style, padding and margin, background image/color, color settings and more.

T4 Joomla framework layout builder options

T4 Joomla Framework advanced layout builder

Responsive configuration

The layout built with T4 is fully responsive by default. You can also easily configure display for row, column on specific responsive layout.

4. Highly customizable Joomla template framework

T4 Framework is built for both developers and users. For users, it provides all important features easily accessible via the admin panel and developer can adapt it easily to roll out their own custom templates for their projects or users.

T4 Joomla framework theme customization

T4 Joomla Framework customization tools

Theme customization

T4 Framework includes many settings to customize style of any element:

  • Typography: font family (support Google font with live preview), font size. line height
  • Heading: font settings, font size for each heading tag
  • Colors: color setting for color sets used in the template
  • Module: color settings for module

Site configuration

The panel includes lots of settings for logo, page background image/color, color settings.

and more settings

Depend on each template features, there would be more settings added to configure for those features: back to top button, sticky menu, etc.

5. New Megamenu Builder

T4 Joomla framework theme customization

Megamenu builder

Building megamenu is easy and fun with T4's megamenu builder. Select any menu item, enable Megamenu feature and start building megamenu for the menu item.

  • Add rows, columns
  • Assign content for each column, it supports: menu items from specific menu, a module or modules from a position
  • You can configure width, alignments and more.

6. Master template style - configuration/customization on demand

T4 Joomla framework master template style

Master template style

T4 Joomla template framework is designed to help user manage website easier, save time in setup, configuration and customizatio using the Master template style.

The master template style is the default template style, when creating new template style, it will inherit all settings from the master template style, user can override specific settings from the master template style by enabling the Override Master Settings in corresponding setting panel. For example, if you want to override layout, enable the override option in the layout builder panel and you can change all the settings, the settings will be applied for the template style only.

7. Built with new web technologies ONLY

T4 Joomla framework technologies

T4 Joomla Framework Technologies

Bootstrap 4 Integration

Integrated in full features and components from Bootstrap to standardize your grid, typography, and modules with less effort.

Developed with SASS

T4 framework is developed with SASS - the most stable, extendable, and powerful frontend development language chosen by the industry.

Font Awesome 4 and 5

Font awesome - the web's most popular icon set and toolkit is available in T4 by default.

8. And lots of other stunning features:

CSS & JS optimization

T4 Joomla framework theme customization

CSS and JS optimization

CSS and JS optimization options help compress almost all template's CSS and Javascripts and relevant Joomla's files to improve website performance.

Custom Code

T4 Joomla framework custom codes

Custom code in T4 Framework

You can insert any CSS, JS, meta tags, links, and verification codes using the custom code option. With multiple options to add custom to specific tags.

SEO optimization

T4 Framework has been built with SEO in consideration.

High Performance

T4 Framework is built with modern technologies, clean and optimized codebase to improve performance of your websites.

Fully Responsive Design

T4 is fully responsive Joomla template framework based on the Bootstrap 4's powerful mobile-first flexbox grid to build layouts of all shapes and sizes.

9. T4 Blank template - Your solid starting point

T4 Blank Joomla template is included by default in the T4 framework. It is the base template for user to adapt for their website or create all new template for their projects..

T4 blank joomla template

T4 Blank template included

More features are planned and under developments

T4 Framework is still in development and we are working to add more features. You can suggest / request features on T4 Framework forum or add comment in the comment box below.

Download T4 Framework

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