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Who is not a fan of Gavick designs? Over the past 10 years, Gavick has been our friendly competitor and between us we have hundreds of top notch for Joomla templates to suit any requirement one may think of.

I am very happy to announce the acquisition of Gavick’s Joomla & Wordpress Template business and the same would be completed by 19th October 2017. This huge acquisition will not only extend our portfolio and variety of Joomla templates, but also provide our current members and members to be (Gavick’s) with more benefits and options for their web development projects.

Think we got this one right. We were looking for ways to let users choose multiple products and avail discount while doing so. For now it is offering products from JoomlArt, JomSocial and iJoomla. Discount levels are calculated based on the number of products added as well based on the price of products.

Discounts range from 20% to 65%. Give it a try and let us know what you feel.

BTW, this bundle maker system is powered by a cool new Joomla component we developed.

JA Joomla Page Builder new version was updated with 3 new features: Block Gradient Background, Content Block Navigation and Active item pathway and ability to name page export file.

JA Mood is special Joomla template designed for Music, Community and Social website. The social template fully supports JomSocial and EasySocial with customized styles for all pages. In addition, JA Mood includes outstanding additional pages for music, community, and social website: Video, News, Blog. JA Mood is built with robust T3 Framework with intuitive admin panel.

Happy USA Independence Day! This year, JoomlArt offer 30% OFF for JA Developer, JA Template 1 year plan, JA Extension 1 year plan and JA Builder Premium. Using Coupon code: 4JULY during the checkout. The coupon is valid until 10th July.

Good news for JA Joomla Page Builder users who develop sites for their clients. Now on, as a Builder Premium or JA Developer user, you can handover your builder based sites to client and they can still edit the premium blocks without logging in. The client will have permission to update content without JA Builder account.

First of all, congratulations on the idea of taking your business to the world of online. E-commerce is all about being easy, simple and quick. So you now have a Joomla website and you want to add a storefront to sell your products online. Our friends at J2Store have come up with a super easy, light-weight Joomla shopping cart with 100+ features to help you set up your Joomla ecommerce website in minutes.

I am excited to announce that iJoomla and JomSocial will soon become a part of the JoomlArt company. This merger will, effectively, make JoomlArt the largest Joomla company in the world.

The web has changed very fast in the last decade and, as Joomla loses market shares to WordPress and SaaS services, the only way forward is through powerful acquisitions like these. Combining the expertise of these three companies will make JoomlArt more competitive than ever.

With over 500K registered users JomSocial and iJoomla are home to a big Joomla user community and it would be a pleasure to take care of their concerns and help them get their projects completed on time.

I have known Merav from the time she started and we have been friends. All current team members of iJoomla and JomSocial are part of the merger and we even hosted JomSocial core team at our office for 8 days to understand and finalize future roadmap.

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