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After almost a year of blood, sweat and tears, we are proud to present our latest masterpiece, the JoomlArt 3.0 site. This is a major change in both our backend and frontend user experience. With hand on heart I can say this is the beginning of a new era for JoomlArt where we will endeavour to bring you the best products and support experience available.

Joomla! World Conference (JWC) 2015 takes place from 6 to 8 November 2015, at Bangalore India. This year, at JWC2015, JoomlArt partners with and StackIdeas to spark the United by Joomla! movement.

It's August 2015, and Joomla! is 10 years young now.

It's a lot of hard work of thousands of people over the past 10 years to create million websites running Joomla! to change the world. Ten years of Joomla may be just a blink of an eye in human history, but it's one of the greatest time of our lives, the Joomla community. Words can't describe our feelings! This is an enormous event. We have the first 10 years and foresee many years ahead.

Update: This offer has expired.

Here comes the 4th of July and JoomlArt would like to wish you all our friends in the United States a Happy Independence Day. We want to send you our little present this day to all users.

Update : This article has been updated.

We at JoomlArt have been working for the past 5 months to improve upon our site infrastructure at the same time use the opportunity to implement various improvements that our members have been asking us. Yes, this includes major changes to our backend scripts used for forums, downloads or access control. There are also proposals for changes in membership plans and to offer single product purchases.

JA Directory is May Joomla Template, a responsive Joomla 3 template designed for a Directory website. It is powered by the new T3 Framework, supports K2 component and the our JA K2 search and filter component (commercial) works in tandem with mapping in JA Directory template.