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Hi Guys,

Our New Unified Portal is going live today and there are quite a few major changes. I will keep it very concise, each and every line below is important and please go through the whole announcement.

Two months into development and today we are happy to preview our new upcoming portal to provide highest possible user experience for all our members across JoomlArt, JomSocial, iJoomla, Gavick and JoomlaBamboo.

Hi Guys,

JA Shoe Store has been released and today we would like to review features of the eCommerce Joomla template. The eCommerce Joomla template is built to adapt for multiple shop types: Shoes store, Fashion, Clothes… it has modern and creative design concept based on free Joomla eCommerce component – Virtuemart with all eCommerce pages: Product categories, Product list, Product detail, Shopping cart, Checkout, Brand, Manufacturer … and all Joomla default pages with customized style.

Joomla 4 has been released for testing and even it is still in development phase, we already see lots of new features and improvements. Joomla 4 will have better security system by requiring minimum PHP 7, using new technologies, removing deprecated functionalities … to help secure websites based on Joomla 4.

In this blog post, we will guide you how to secure your Joomla 4 website login using built-in 2 factor authentication system - this feature was firstly introduced in Joomla 3.2.0.

The new year is already started for us and we would like to take this occasion to look back and summarize 8 wonderful templates that we have released in year 2017. Let’s take a look and see if you miss any of them.

Joomla 4 is on the way of stable release since its alpha 2 version was release on 19th Dec 2017, Joomla 4 is long term support version - LTS, it is major release with many new features have been introduced so far and we can expect more on the stable release. Joomla 4 is developed using all the latest technologies and usability. In this blog post, we will discuss on the new features and improvements that would be available in Joomla 4 stable release.

Review | Features : Joomla template for beauty and fashion magazine: JA Allure

JA Allure - Creative Joomla template for beauty and fashion magazine websites is available for download. In this blog post, we will review core features with the screenshot of the template. The template includes flexible layouts with multiple content categories: Featured, Category, Video, Image Gallery, multiple views for Articles Category module and all Joomla default pages. .

Joomla 4 alpha download is available for testing. JoomlArt team have researched and got you some FAQs for your concerns about this new upgrades. We will keep posting new questions and answers frequently.

Our Free Xmas Logo Decoration exclusively for JoomlArt users has just come to an end and we just also finished sending some last Xmas logos for you. Please check your post in the forum HERE to get your logo(s).

From the beginning of the campaign, we received around 117 posts and logos sent from our beloved users. However, our designers have worked hard to deliver our best 77 logos decoration and sent back to you. We hope that you'd love those logos as we do.

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