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Now create Uber like layouts on the fly. It can not be easier than this.

The question we faced after developing our popular multiple layout based Uber Template was : Should we keep on releasing versions after versions or should we develop a site / page builder to let users build their own versions of Uber type layouts?

We chose later and here we are with our first sneak peak into the builder we have been working on for months.

If you’re looking forward to creating a site for your online business, you might be faced with the challenges of choosing the right CMS (content management system). This write-up compares three of the most popular and widely-used CMS - Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. These three platforms have the open-source format. This means that they are consistently improved to support new and latest Internet technologies. Vital functions can also be boosted with an ever-increasing array of extensions and add-ons, provided by their communities. Your choice of CMS will largely depend on your goals, budget, technical expertise and the need you want to meet.

Hey, you know what? Halloween will be here in 5 days!

YES, it is one of the most exciting and interesting time of the year. You get to wear whatever you like to the party, dress up in those scary, creepy costumes, walk around the street and freak everyone out.

Sound a lot of fun, huh? But have you prepared enough for this Halloween to come?

Don’t worry, whatever you do, whatever plan or project you have, we are here to help. Right below we present to you +100 Halloween Graphics Designs for MULTIPLE PURPOSES: from Facebook cover, Instagram post to Marketing Poster and more.

In the words of Albert Einstein: "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." We couldn't agree more. There is no game that can’t be won if you have ambitions, talent and right people on your team. My Joomla! friend Gev Balyan’s impressive story can definitely prove both statements.

We've teamed up with our sister website DesignBold to offer a special and exclusive gift for DesignWall readers. Instead of bringing you the PSD/AI/Sketch file, we've decided to go with something more useful: 100+ editable Facebook covers with online design tool. Over 100+ Editable Facebook Covers for A Business Marketing Promotions Year were crafted by talented designers with all their hearts and minds. This Facebook Covers for a year of business marketing promotions collection is perfect fits for any kind of marketing promotion campaign.

We would like to announce that, JA Google Analytics Reports module stable version was released with an important new feature that allows admin to show real time data from Google Analytics. The modules comes with JA Admin template, JA Users module from beta version to help admin build a truly flexible admin dashboard that is whitelable customizable.

The module is Free for JA Admin template.

Hi Guys,

Today, JoomlArt team have released new version for JA K2 Filter component - version 1.2.4 with new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here are the details:

  • New feature: option to make blank page with user's defined message before searching
  • New feature: select fields as required fields for searching
  • Improvement: improve search & filter performance
  • Improvement: Update multi ordering for horizontal layout
  • And 2 bug fixes

Welcome our monthly Joomla template - JA Restaurant, a powerful Restaurant Joomla template with dedicated design and features. It supports 4 menu types, 3 options for Reservation system, useful pre-built pages: Gallery, Offers, About, Happy Hours. The template integrates Open table and Vik Restaurants component.

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