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JA Megafilter Introduction

Quick Info

  • Updated on:28 Feb, 2019
  • Version:1.1.8
  • Download:4,426
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Joomla search and filter extension - JA Megafilter is a powerful and flexible search and filtering system for your Joomla site. Supports multiple filter setup for your Joomla site. The Filter Joomla extension supports HikaShop, K2 component, E-Shop, Virtuemart, JoomShopping. J2Store support is coming soon along with few more. The intuitive configuration panel help you manage the filter with ease, you can enable or disable any filter field. JA Megafilter includes base field filters like title, tags, category, price, manufacturer, brand etc and custom field filter like color or size. For k2 it also supports the author and category fields apart from tags.

Main features:

  • One filter to support multiple extensions.
  • Customized layout and create multiple filters .
  • Easy to customize fields for filter
  • Base fields and custom fields filter
  • Manage or rename filter fields with ease
  • Create filter for specific categories
  • Rows, columns settings for product list item

Supports popular Joomla extensions

Joomla filter system for the following extensions:

  • HikaShop component
  • Virtuemart component
  • E-Shop component
  • K2 component
  • JoomShopping component
  • J2Store component
  • Mijoshop component
  • DOCman Component

Powerful search & filter system

Not all sites have similar filter needs. With JA MegaFilter you can customize how your filter works for users based on product attributes: title, category, price, attributes (color, size), etc.

Intuitive configuration panel

The workflow is super simple, create new filter, select the extension and then select category to configure the filter fields. Now, create new menu item and link to the created filter.

Customized style for supported extensions

Not only function, the design of the filter page in frontend is sleek. Style is customized for all the supported extensions.

Responsive design

JA Megafilter is responsive to help you create search and filter pages that look great in all responsive layouts.

Create multiple filters

Within 1 site, you can create multiple filters pages, the filter pages can support different extensions or different categories from any of the extensions.

Base fields and custom fields filtering

The filter includes 2 filter field type: Base fields like title, category and custom fields like color, size. This depends on the 3rd party extension as each extension has different ways to manage its fields.

Multiple filter type supports

Depending on content type of the filter field, it will load suitable filter type and you can select the filter type for each field: Value, range, Single, Multiple, Dropdown.

Manage filter fields with ease

When you select an extension, filter fields of that extension are auto-loaded in the configuration panel, the field filter is grouped based on the extension field structure. Basically, it has base fields and custom fields group.

Filter field sorting

You can enable or disable the sorting of each filter field.

Rows, columns setting

In JA Mega Filter ยป Default Layout menu setting, you can configure number of rows and columns per page for displayed items.


Version 1.1.8 28 Feb, 2019

  • Joomla Custom Fields: Support filter fulltext
Bug Fix
  • Fix issue VM Model not found when creating new filed in Mega filter
  • Can't load module when the page is not JA Megafilter menu

Version 1.1.7 21 Dec, 2018

New Feature
  • Ordering HikaShop Categories in the filter bar
  • Auto generate virtuemart product thumbnail when exporting megafilter
  • Only show currently Publish fields in Filter Config
  • Support to show item in the filter which has Access Level
  • Add more option for indexing
  • Add option to Exclude SubCategories (Child Categories)
  • Support multi select list
  • Update Counter for Parent Category
  • The ordering "Number ASC/DESC" in Filter Config doesn't work well
  • Hikashop - Com-content: support Order for Category filter field options
  • Com_content: Improvement show Image of Full or Intro
Bug Fix
  • Choosen select: Can't type to Select for sub element
  • MultiSelect: counter doesn't update after change filter value
  • Filter doesn't show on IE
  • Hikashop: Fix still showing products with empty category
  • Hikashop: fix for Discount price
  • Megafilter: Remove navigation when having none result
  • Expired articles

Version 1.1.6 01 Nov, 2018

  • Show Joomla custom fields in Results
  • Support to show item in the filter which has Access Level
Bug Fix
  • Docman: set permission is Publisher, doc still see when not login
  • Docman: File type doesn't show the right icon
  • Not show right doc following Permission Guest
  • Docman: Login as Editor, can't see docs has permission Editor

Version 1.1.5 05 Oct, 2018

New Feature
  • Add option to set Grid or List as default view
  • Support to search with accented characters
Bug Fix
  • Security problem of the Cross Site Scripting (XSS) type
  • Custom Fields and Introtext are now links after update
  • Filter with color or Image type: doesn't display correct
  • Fix order not save on Filter bar
  • Fix bug filter layout management

Version 1.1.4 17 Jul, 2018

New Feature
  • Features Requested: option for ordering fields in backend
  • Support Joomla url custom fields
  • Setting for Order of Filter Options
  • Shorten the long list of fields in the filter with 'Show more' link
  • Filter Option: no need option Order by Name for Feature
  • Support to show document description in DocMan
  • K2: Filter config: Show Extra field with Groupname
Bug Fix
  • Joomshopping: Display error after Index
  • Hikashop: Missing Category option

Version 1.1.3 26 Jun, 2018

New Feature
  • Com_content: Add filter by Feature
  • New feature request: currency conversion
  • Virtuemart: Supportto show Base price & Description on Filter Page
  • Features Requested: support filters of J2Store component
  • Improvement: add class to div product to show ordering by what field
Bug Fix
  • Style issue in List view
  • Meta description in menu item of megafilter doesn't work
  • Issue with add to cart feature in Hikashop 3.4
  • Wrong Ordering Bug when Sorting by a Date Field for Dates before 2000
  • Language error on Megafilter page
  • Empty value always goes on bottom
  • 404 error for download links for listing when DOCman extension is assigned

Version 1.1.2 12 Apr, 2018

  • Multi select option lists are far too long and spoil the page.
Bug Fix
  • Support 'Range' field type for filtering Joomla custom fields
  • Jshopping: Error when get extra field value type Multi
  • Problem with style in Safari browser
  • Hikashop: Problem with multilingual site
  • Not show images in Virtuemart filter
  • Virtuemart item's image didn't show in layout
  • Error when using with JA Admin template
  • Virtuemart items URLs are not correct

Version 1.1.1 12 Dec, 2017

  • Support ordering for Hikashop's categories in filter
  • New feature request: display thumb in resized folder
New Feature
  • Support product compare feature in Hikashop
  • Empty rating or price always go to bottom of list
Bug Fix
  • Com_content: Check error Undefined Thumbnail
  • Fix load assets error on multi language site
  • Com_content: Can't show author
  • K2 Filter: Add tranlate for group k2
  • Fix: conflict with mootool more
  • Get error on Eshop with Multilingual is enable
  • Make sure the data get from file is json not string

Version 1.1.0 02 Nov, 2017

New Feature
  • Support sorting with non latin characters
  • show costume fields for hikashop
  • Add counter for color and media filter
  • Add cron controller
  • Adding preloader
  • Update Layout & Layout Setting
Bug Fix
  • Fix default sort position error with desc direction
  • Fix search title doesn't work on IE
  • Clean range value before render

Version 1.0.9 01 Sep, 2017

New Feature
  • Display Custom Field/Extra Field on Result Layout
  • Support show header menu
Bug Fix
  • Fix Error sticky sidebar when collapse filter
  • Disply List tags as tree
  • Fix first load error when turn off default sort
  • Fix share url with sorting doesn't work