It’s been a while since we introduced T4 Joomla Page Builder Preview and Workflow of T4 Joomla Page Builder, today, we would like to bring you great news - our new T4 Joomla Page Builder preview release is available for download. This preview release is FREE for all users with purpose of giving you experience about our new Joomla page builder.

T4 Joomla Page Builder is developed with purposes of helping user (with or without technical knowledge) quickly build beautiful Joomla websites, reduce cost, save development time and solve Joomla weaknesses like content editing, layout configuration.

t4 Joomla page builder preview release

T4 Joomla page builder preview released


This preview release is free for download and since it is preview release, there will be lots of changes and updates, its released for giving you first experience about the new page builder and check out how it work, please do not use it for your projects, live site.

Quick Instructions:

1. Installation

The T4 Joomla page builder download page include 2 packages:

  • T4 Demo - quickstart: for quickstart installation to replicate the demo site
  • T4 Package: for manual installation on other Joomla 3 websites
download t4 Joomla page builder preview

Download T4 Page builder tool for Joomla

Free Download

1.1 Quickstart installation

Download the quickstart package and install as normal Joomla installation. After installation, you would get a site like our demo. The demo site is based on T4 Blank template.

1.2 Manual installation

In case you want to install the page builder in other Joomla 3 website, you can use the T4 Page builder package to install. The installation will include T4 Blank template and 2 plugins: T4 System and T4 Editor, those plugins are auto enabled after installed.

After the installation is done, you can start using the new page builder, check the guide in the second section below:

2. How to work with the new Joomla page builder?

2.1 Create new page

T4 Joomla Page builder can help you add more pages faster and easier. With variety of pre-made pages, you can just drag and drop and update content, you can insert more content blocks, Joomla elements and add-ons, everything will be available.

#1: Create a menu item: Articles > Page Builder menu type

create t4 joomla page builder menu

Create new Page builder menu item

#2: Create new article, edit the page with T4 Page Builder editor.

create new t4 joomla page builder page

Create new article

#3: Edit content using the page builder tool and save the settings

customize style for pages with t4 joomla page builder

Update content and edit style for page

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2.2 More usages from T4 Joomla page builder:

Not only to build new page, the new builder tool for Joomla can be integrated to any place in your website to help you make it even better.

  • Custom HTML Module
  • Product page using 3rd party extensions like Virtuemart, MijoShop ...
  • 3rd party extensions: JomSocial, EasySocial, EasyBlog, DT Register ...
  • And more

2.3 Use the T4 Joomla page builder editor tool

The powerful builder tool for Joomla allows user to edit and customize everything with.

#1: Content block library

The panel includes all pre-made content blocks, you can drag and drop to build content for the page faster and easier.

create t4 joomla page builder menu

T4 Page builder block library

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#2: Element library

In the page builder, we supports all popular content elements: link, image, button, video, tabs … , Joomla elements: module, module position, component and add-ons.

create t4 joomla page builder element library

T4 Page builder elements library

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#3: Page library

The panel includes pre-mage pages where you can drag and drop to build new page, super easy and fast. Using the editor to update content and customize style for the page.

create t4 joomla page builder page library

T4 Page builder page library

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#4: Responsive configuration

T4 Joomla page builder allows you to configure display for any content section in specific device with ease.

  • Select device to configure
  • Select element and configure style on the selected device
  • You can show or hide any content element, content block or section on the selected device in the layer manager.
t4 joomla page builder responsive configuration

T4 Joomla Page builder responsive configuration

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#5: Limitless styling

You can configure styling for every single element in a content block with hundred pre-defined parameters divided into groups: Typo, Dimensions, Decoration and more. Simple and fast, no coding required, everything included to help you customize the display of all content elements.

customize style for pages with t4 joomla page builder

Update content and edit style for page

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#6: Custom HTML

Free to update HTML mockup of any block, section or whole page using the inbuilt custom HTML function.

create t4 joomla page builder custom html

T4 Page builder custom HTML for block, section, and page

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#7: User’s blocks

User can build their own content blocks, save the edited content blocks to the user's block panel for later usage.

#8: Revisions

Revision is auto saved or manually saved that keep what you did in current revision and you can switch back to any previous revision.

create t4 joomla page builder revision manager

T4 Page builder revision manager

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And much more amazing features

Can the T4 Joomla page builder work with other templates, framework and 3rd party extensions?

Yes. Our new T4 Joomla page builder will work with all templates, frameworks and 3rd party extensions, it helps user to build new pages on your current websites, add more content block to any page or using the visual content editor to improve any page.

Step 1:Install T4 Joomla page builder package

Step 2:Set T4 Page builder editor as default editor

From back-end, go to System > Global configuration > and set T4 Page builder as default editor.

customize style for pages with t4 joomla page builder

Set T4 Page builder as default editor

Now, in any place using editor on your site, you can edit the content with T4 Page builder editor

edit content with T4 Joomla page builder

Update content and edit styling with T4 Joomla page builder editor

  • Create new page on your current website
  • Add new custom HTML module
  • Insert content blocks, content elements, Joomla elements add-ons to an article
  • Improve product page using 3rd party extensions: Virtuemart, JomShopping, MijoShop ...
  • Using the visual editor to update current content
  • And more

Check out more details about the case stuties on our T4 Joomla Page Builder workflow

Try the T4 Joomla page builder now

Free Download Demo

Features suggestion and discussion

Feel free comment, submit feature suggestion in the comment box below or in our T4 Discussion forum →

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