When we worked on the Joomla humble bundle idea we received many questions where the money of the fund will end up. To be transparent, this blog post should keep you in sync to clarify this question.

We successfully accomplished two deals of Joomla Humble Bundles between us and JomSocial and redComponent. Two more deals are in progress. Thanks to the supports from all Joomla lovers and fans around the world. This is a good sign to consolidate the belief of JoomlArt and all our partners who have agreed to join us and make the $1M target feasible. We are working hard to bring on the most exciting deals to create a good cause for the Joomla Community.

Our team and all the volunteers, developers and businesses of commercial extensions and template clubs have been enjoying the growth of the Joomla Community since the foundation of Joomla. As a little gesture of gratitude, we want to contribute to this growth.

Who will receive the fund?

All the fund raised from these Joomla Humble Bundle deals will be donated to Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM). This non-profit organization provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla open-source project, including activities from operations management, events & conferences, marketing and public relations, to brand management and licensing issues.

How will the fund be spent?

JoomlArt's big dream is to double Joomla events around the world so that more people will be able to benefit from the community. The board of Open Source Matters will decide in consultation with the leadership of the Joomla Project how to grow the community with the fund.

As an open source project, the most valuable asset of Joomla is the community of users, developers and contributors.

Friends, let's join hands for the success of Humble Bundle $1M dream!

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