For the past few days, we have received several reports on our forum related to unexpected virus issues detection by Avast antivirus software on our site which has disabled our member access to! Our team immediately jumped in and carefully investigated to detect the issue's origin.

We quickly figured out why Avast has defined it as a “Potentially Suspicious ” as we did implement some page redirections to our JoomlArt 2012 Thanksgiving Nexus10 giveaway official page.

The script we have implemented is totally SAFE as we have also run a few other checks on other antivirus softwares to determine whether or not this is our script problem. We had a quick run with McAfee Site Advisor, Norton Safe Web and etc. but didn't seem to have any problem at all. Only Avast Antivirus was flagging it as malware, so we reported to Avast team right away. You can follow our discussion at Avast forum for more details on the issue.

Avast has finally confirmed on the false detection and has updated their virus definitions accordingly by excluding the script out of their database. If you are Avast Antivirus client and have experiencing such, please do update your Avast definitions following those steps:

  1. Go to “Maintenance.”
  2. Under “Update”, click on “Update engine and Virus definitions.”
  3. Now you are worry-free from this inconvenience and false alert.
How to update Avast definition

How to update Avast definition

We sincerely apologize for any frustration it may put you guys into, as this is our very first time confronting such issue as well. Hopefully, Avast and other Antivirus software would have a better definitions for their virus database to prevent similar embarrassed circumstances in the future.

Just a quick heads up, Christmas is almost here, watch out for the holiday season here at JoomlArt. It's gonna be big!

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