Thanks guys for participating in the JoomlArt 2012 Nexus 10 Giveaway program. So far, It has been such a blast! As we have annouced earlier, it would take us a few day to find our lucky winner. Bookmark the JoomlArt Nexus 10 Giveaway official page for update or watch out the latest news on this blog!

The holiday season is almost here and with holidays come the sale. Last year we gave away an Ipad2 and this year we are giving away brand new Google Nexus 10 tablet along with 35% discount on everything we have at JoomlArt.

Are those Nexus 10 going to be yours

Is this Google Nexus 10 going to be yours?

Checkout discount rate

How to use 35% OFF coupon code :

Proceed to our sign up page and use the coupon code during checkout. The discount is valid for all the memberships and renewals. The renewals will be set for future date (1 day past expiry of current membership) automatically.

How to win Google Nexus 10 ?

Easy 5 steps to lay your claim :

  1. Each contestant gets a unique url after signup @ the JoomlArt Nexus 10 Giveaway official page
  2. Share your url to your friends (twitter / facebook / email / etc.)
  3. Your unique url hits and people signing up for contest from your url will add to your entry
  4. Top 50 people with most hits and referral signup will be taken up for lucky draw
  5. The winner takes home Google Nexus 10

The Google Nexus giveaway is open for all to participate, the winner will be announced 1-2 days post CyberMonday (Nov 26th).

Have fun on your holiday, stay warm and good luck everyone. Wish Nexus 10 will be on your hand, soon!

Happy Holidays!

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