Guys, Thanksgiving is almost here, and the shopping craze is following up with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Woo hoo!!!

That’s it: this is the holiday of thankfulness, the time to express thanks to those you love. We appreciate all your supports throughout this crazy year and this HUGE discount deals are all about YOU.

This year we have a calendar sale, and making sure we don't miss anyone or any packages. If you have been saving up all years, this is the time to spend LESS for MORE.

Seasonal SALES for our Joomla & Magento memberships

Enjoy our Seasonal Discount with tons of deals to choose from

We start off this Seasonal Sale with Thanksgiving on November 28th, the promotion will be devoted to the Developers.

Thanksgiving sales in details

Crazy deals on Thanksgiving

Signup Coupon: THKGDEV30 - Renewal Coupon: THKGDEV20

Sign up now Renew now

Please note this deal will be activated on Thanksgiving day - November 28th and will be expired on November 29th.

On the 29th of November, you can enjoy the Black Friday when signing up for or renewing any memberships up to 25% OFF.

Black Friday in details

Crazy deals on Black Friday

Signup Coupon: BLKFNEW25 - Upgrade Coupon: BLKFNEW25 - Renewal Coupon: BLKFRENE10

Sign up now Upgrade to Developer Renew Now

Please note this deal is going to be activated on Black Friday - November 29th and will be expired on December 1st.

Finally, on the 2nd of December, Cyber Monday will captivate you with lot of bundles deals and add-on (including Copyright Removal and Quickstart Installation) to grab.

Cyber Monday sales in details

Crazy deals on Cyber Monday

Add-on Coupon: CYBMADD50

Get add-on now Purchase bundles now

Please note this deal is going to be activated on Cyber Monday - December 2nd and will be expired on December 3rd.

These seasonal sales are limited in one single announced day. Don't forget to bookmark your calendar to come back and claim your deals on these special dates.

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday to you all.

May God bless You all always!

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