I knew you guys has been pretty looking forward to this announcement ever since the launch of Nexus 10 giveaway campaign. Thanks for everyone for participating. We have more than 3,000 of tweets and share on Twitter & Facebook, plus 30,000+ visits to the Nexus 10 official page. This event was such a blast!!!

We have to admit: "It's quite difficult to pick out the winner!"

And it would be harder to have an online the lucky draw with you guys (even though we would love to do so!). Therefore, we have recorded a short video on the actual procedure that we did to select JoomlArt 2012's Nexus 10 giveaway winner as seen on our Nexus 10 official page:

Congrats Silviu!!!

Silviu - JoomlArt 2012 Nexus 10 giveaway winner

Image provided by Silviu

Nexus 10 will be on its way to you soon enough!!!
We'll be in contact with you shortly. Enjoy ā€¯JoomlArt-ing" with your Nexus 10.

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