Update 5th Mar 2013: Launching 2 new deals featuring PayPlans and Bang2Joom.

Heading toward the end of the year 2012, we - the JoomlArt team - have had this ongoing train of thoughts (at least for several months now) in how to end this year and get a kick-start on our new year resolution of the future 2013 in the most meaningful way possible.

JA Joomla Bundle

JA Joomla Bundle - lets join hands

We came up with an initial idea on Joomla Humble Bundle project which we strongly believe would contribute a significant value to the Joomla community itself and certainly a great benefit to all our dearest customers here in the JoomlArt community as well as all the Joomla lovers out there.

Ok then, what exactly is Joomla Humble Bundle?

Based on the concept of the original Humble Bundle, the Joomla Humble Bundle (JHB) is a limited time offer deal provided by Joomla templates, extensions and services providers entities to raise sufficient fund to support Joomla project.

Why Joomla! Project ?

As we all know Joomla! is an award winning popular Open Source CMS system with a thriving ecosystem of volunteers, developers and businesses like ours (commercial extensions and template clubs). Our success is thanks to Joomla! and the community, so its the obvious choice for this fund raising promotion, we would consider other organizations based on the feedback and response we get from this little initiative of ours.

Is $1 million target too ambitious?

Yes, it does sound like a big amount but we are ambitious and we are sure that it can be easily achieved if more partners join hands and it would be much more easier if the Joomla! community also helps to spread the word. Nothing's impossible until you try it yourself and its worth a try.

How it works?

  1. Pick your deal: we will have different deals up for certain days to choose from. Bookmark JA Bundle landing page and watch out for the countdown clock to catch the new deal.

  2. Name your price: normally each deal will costs around $200, but we leave it up to you to pick your own price, choose how much to donate to Joomla Community and to the deal providers. Please keep in mind that the minimum amount is set at $30.

Who can participate?

Anyone from Joomla! templates, extensions and services providers to Joomla lovers and fans around the globe can apply and take part in this project.

Why should you participate?

The Joomla Humble Bundle project is a noble approach with a strong belief that we are creating a good cause for the Joomla Community. Here are reasons why we believe you would agree to join us.

  1. Contribute back to the community
    Friends, we are all part of the big Joomla Community, we support each other and grow together. Personally, for the past 7 years in business, we have received a lot supports from the community which we highly appreciate. Now it’s time to contribute and give back to the community. And we believe that you feel the same. So, Joomla lovers and fans, join us and contribute as much as you can and together we build up a stronger Joomla Community.

  2. Create a good cause
    Yes, this is our strong belief for this project. Either you are a user or a provider, purchase or sell, the action is to create a good cause for the Joomla Community. For each sold out bundle, you contributed to the growth of the community. We grow as the community grow.

  3. Lifetime credit
    Some may think that such fund raising is too ambitious and hard to organize. We have ambition, belief and tools to make it real. We strongly believe that we can do it and raise decent fund to contribute to Joomla!.

  4. Social Buzz
    Social buzzing is the key factor to contribute to the success of the Joomla Humble Bundle project. We will have a chance to be featured on Joomla official site once the fund reaches its very first milestone of $10,000. From this, we will get more and more people to know about the project as well as the cause, and this event will help us to achieve the goal faster.

How do you manage the bundle purchase?

Every bundle sold out will be updated live and published on our website. Anyone can watch the real stats of the effort.

As a user

  • After the purchase, you will receive an email with a 100% discount coupon code and sign-up instruction for the products/services purchased from the bundle.

As a provider

  • As a participating provider, or a partner, you need to provide us a list of 100% discount coupon codes and an URL to sign-up for the products/services provided in a bundle.
  • Each partner will be granted access to real time updated report whenever a payment is made. You can also see how much you have earned from all the transactions within the bundles that you take part in. When a bundle is closed, we will make a summary of the total payment after all related fees are deducted.
  • That’s all the information for now. Remember to bookmark the page and watch out for the deal. Of course we always welcome new partners who want to join the bundle with us. Contact us if you want to take part in this program.
    Together we can make it work.

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