Update 3 Jan 2013: Little too late! This deal is over!

The first deal of Joomla Humble Bundle, the one with our friends at JomSocial, has been up and running for 5 days and so far $4000 has been raised for Joomla Community.
We hope you enjoyed being part of it! And in case you didn’t knew about it, the deal is still waiting for you to pick up at our Bundle page, but time is running out, so hurry up!

Mayans predicted bu world did not end, similarly, the deals are not ending at our Joomla Humble Bundle, a new deal with RED hot partner redCOMPONENT is live now

Joomla Humble Bundle Second Deal

Joomla Bundle - lets join hands

The second Joomla Humble Bundle deal is featuring our friend redCOMPONENT and the deal offers:

Joomla Humble Bundle

Why should you purchase this deal?

This is a good chance for you to own best Joomla extensions from JoomlArt and also from the world largest Joomla Extensions Club - The redCOMPONENT for 80% to 90% off the original price.

Pay any price you want and support Joomla that is our statement. We and our partners believe in $1M fund raising dream and we are driving effort to offer you valuable deals with good starting price. By purchasing the deal you would be contributing for this noble cause of raising $1M fund for Joomla Project.

Did you miss some information here?

Still not sure what this is all about? No worries, you can always refer to our first blog post for full details.

Last but not least, this is just the second deal, more interesting deals are coming your way. So stay tuned, friends! World did not end as Mayans predicted but our deals will, so don’t miss them.

Frequently asked questions

Please spend some time to go through our FAQ section, if your questions are not answered here, kindly send us an email at bundle@joomlart.com with your payment details

  1. What happens after my successful payment?
    A confirmation email will be instantly sent to you with full instructions and coupon code.

  2. I still didn't receive any email yet, what should I do?
    Our email could have been sent to your spam box. Double check your mailbox and spam box in this case first would be appreciated. If there is still no email, send us an email at bundle@joomlart.com with your details information:
    • Email used for payment
    • Full name
    • Transaction ID
    We will work out the issue for you.

  3. Can I get an Invoice?
    Upon request, we will issue a PDF receipt with full information for your reference.

  4. Can I use the coupon code to renew/extend my existing JAEC Membership?
    Yes, you can

  5. Can I use the coupons to buy/ extend/ renew another membership other than JAEC?
    Coupons issued in this deal only applies for the JAEC membership. If you wish to switch, you have to pay the difference in the price between the amount you've paid for JoomlArt on a deal and the actual price of the package you wish to switch to.

  6. I still have other questions, where do I get support?
    For questions related to the deal and coupon codes, you can send email to bundle@joomlart.com along with your payment details
    For questions related to JoomlArt or redCOMPONENT products and services, please contact directly to them via support system

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