Update 20 Jan 2013: Little too late! This deal is over!

Catch the new deal with Techjoomla!

A week has passed and we hope you guys did enjoy our New Year gift Super Saver Deals between JoomlArt, CloudAccess and StackIdeas. We were happy to kick off 2013 with all your supports that made our 1st milestone 10,000 of the 1M-dream came true

Humble Bundle OStraining JoomlArt ThemeBrian DesignWall

This week, we are coming up with a special hot deal, giving you a chance to benefit from not only Joomla but also other CMS: Drupal and Wordpress as well. Our partner OSTraining would join as a training expert to enhance your experiences using JoomlArt, ThemeBrain and DesignWall combo.

Joomla Humble Bundle between OSTraining and JoomlArt, ThemeBrain, Design Wall

Total $306 in value as low as $50.

OSTraining JoomlArt deal

Why should you purchase this deal?

This is a unique chance for you to enjoy and try different CMS: Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress.You may have been familiar to JATC Standard membership, but not yet to ThemeBrain and DesignWall? No worries, our OSTraining partner is an expert with online training videos, classes and supports from an expert team of web designers and professionals.

Whether you are a newbie seeking for exploring experiences or developer with website optimization purpose, this deal is ideal for you.

Well, this exclusive deal only lasts for limited time of 6 days.

Did you miss our previous information?

To learn more about our Joomla Humble Bundle project, please refer to our first blog post for details.

New resolution of 2013 has successfully launched with our dear Partners, lovers and fans. Next milestone of 20,000 would be soon achieved, because we know you are supporting us!

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