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For the past few months, we have gone extra miles in developing and improving our Magento modules and extensions. The goal is to bring better user experience in our Magento themes and make it easier for the customer to browse the site in a better way. These new extensions compliment our responsive Magento themes.

1. Mega Menu for responsive Magento themes

With wide mega menu, one can display all the categories from the Catalog onto the menu and add any content one wishes, such as: images, video, links and so on, this is much better than the old menu's displaying all submenu contents in a single column when user hover on parent menu. We are working to add mega menu to our older themes too. Read our Mega Menu introduction blog post for more details.

This extension is used in:
JM Purity | JM Wall | JM Neros | JM Jasmine | JM Mago | JM Flannel | JM Hawkstore | JM Siotis | JM Lingerie

New Magento extensions - Mega menu for responsive Magento themes

Sample of Mega Menu used in our Magento theme JM Wall - Besides, all the categories, featured products and an advertising banner are also easy to display.

2. Off-Canvas Navigation for Responsive Magento theme

We firstly introduced trending Off-Canvas navigation in our responsive Magento theme JM Siotis and will continue to support this feature on all our future themes.

The off-canvas navigation is extremely useful when it comes to responsive design and mobile display. It allows to have up to 2 or 3 panels and keeps the content ready to be displayed differently depending on devices’ width. You can read our JM Siotis feature blog post for more details.

This extension is used in:
JM Siotis | JM Lingerie

New Magento extensions - Off-canvas navigation for responsive Magento themes

Design pattern of Off-canvas navigation used on JM Siotis for Menu and Shopping cart

3. JM Basetheme - Magento theme color customizer

With the introduction of JM Basetheme, customizing the theme for colors is a breeze. Now you can customize your Magento theme with any color you want, from header to footer background, from logo to menu links and so on. More importantly, JM Basetheme is user friendly and easy to work with (read JM Basetheme blog post for details).

This extension is used in:
JM Mago | JM Flannel | JM Hawkstore | JM Siotis | JM Lingerie

Customize any color you want with JM Basetheme

4. Magento Quick View extension

With implementation of Magento Quick View extensions, your shoppers can have a quick look at an item and make decisions right away without reloading the page. Magento Quick View extension comes with a cool pop-up window displaying product information whenever an item is clicked on. You have full control to turn it on/off right from the back-end.

This extension is used in:
JM Jasmine | JM Flannel | JM Lingerie

Magento quick view with product details, life made easy for shoppers.

5. Magento Quick Buy extension

Just one click and your shoppers can add their products to shopping cart and continue shopping without worrying reloading the page and getting lost. That is what Magento Quick Buy extension can do. Same as Magento Quick View, you can turn it on or off from the back-end.

This extension is used on:
JM Hawkstore | JM Siotis

Simply click Buy button and continue shopping - Demonstration from Magento theme JM Siotis

6. Magento Masshead

This extension allows you to have a nice image banner or simple category titles for pages you want. Check the demo, the theme looks cool with masshead implementation.

This extension is used on:
JM Neros | JM Jasmine | JM Flannel | JM Hawkstore | JM Siotis | JM Lingerie

Having nice graphic banner with title using Masshead

7. Upgraded version of Category list

If you can recall in the previous version of Category list, you could only choose 1 category and it would display products of that category only. We changed that, now in the upgraded version, the Category list will display all the categories you choose in the the back-end, and present them nicely as a slider in the front-end with category names, title and description.

This extension is used in:
JM Lingerie

Slick slider displaying selected categories with title and description

While we are working on introducing more new features and extensions for our members, we would be upgrading our older themes (popular ones) too for the features and responsive layouts. Let us know if you want us to work on any specific feature, you would like to see in our Magento themes.

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