We’re kicking off this fall with the awesome responsive Joomla template: JA Muzic for both Joomla 3 & Joomla 2.5 version, a great pick for Entertainment, Music and Digital Media Joomla template.

Responsive Joomla template for Entertainment, Music and Digital Media for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3

Responsive Joomla template for Entertainment, Music and Digital Media for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3

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It has been shipped with the following amazing features:

  1. Fully responsive
  2. Supports EasyBlog component
  3. Supports RTL language layout
  4. Up to 13+ Joomla extensions
  5. Plus a bonus brand new Joomla music extension - JA AV Tracklist
  6. A user-friendly navigation system (with sticky Mega Menu on desktop and your off-canvas menu on mobile)
  7. Flat design with dynamic grids and a touch of animation

The feature list can go on longer, however, listing all of them down would take not just this blog alone but a few to follow up. For now, we would like to keep this blog short on What is new in JA Muzic:

1. Fully responsive

JA Muzic is built on our latest version of Joomla 3 & Joomla 2.5 template framework - T3 Framework. That means JA Muzic is fully responsive and will stay stunning on any screen size and devices.

JA Muzic - Fully responsive design

JA Muzic - A fully responsive Joomla template

2. Blog with EasyBlog

EasyBlog - A remarkable All-in-One blogging component for Joomla template continues to shine in our latest responsive Joomla template. EasyBlog puts blogging at ease and gives you a powerful yet convenience blogging tool for any kind of blog, from personal to corporate style.

EasyBlog supported in JA Muzic

JA Muzic - Another Joomla template featuring EasyBlog

3. A bonus brand new Joomla music extension - JA AV Tracklist

It's a new Joomla extension, then what can you do with JA AV Tracklist?

  • Importing media files into your Joomla site
  • Organize your Joomla media files in album type
  • Also support Youtube & Vimeo video streaming
  • Get your media files to rock out its sound and videos on the front end
  • It is fully responsive (always a big plus)
 JA AV Tracklist

JA AV Tracklist for better music files management

4. Up to 13+ Joomla extensions

Yes, this is the ONE template packed with the highest number of complimentary Joomla extensions so far. You got your Joomla extensions for:

  • Displaying the latest headlines on your Joomla site, get your viewers update with the latest news, announcements and info from JA Newsticker
  • Our Joomla Slideshow that no one would want to miss - JA Slideshow
  • Draw attention toward specific Joomla content by getting them spotted upfront on your homepage right next to your slideshow using JA Tabs
  • Get your highlighted Joomla content listed out with JA Sidenews
  • Nice Joomla login module - JA Login
  • Great Joomla comment extension - JA Disqus Debate
  • Bookmark your Joomla article with JA Bookmark integrated in with AddThis & AddToAny bookmarking services
  • JA Content Popup to properly popup your Joomla content detail page for preview
  • Slide through the hottest Joomla Event articles using JA Content Slider
  • Embed Google map into Joomla articles - JA Google Map
  • Joomla contents display nicely in Accordion effect with JA Accordion
  • Manage all of the above Joomla extensions with JA Extension Manager
  • Last but not least, JA Muzic will never be completed without T3 Framework

5. Compatible with RTL language layout

Speaking from the experience, we know pretty well the pain of styling and converting a template into RTL can take days and days. All thanks to the T3 Framework, You RTL language layout lovers can now be relieved. With no exception, JA Muzic does support RTL layout version at its full scale.

RTL language layout

JA Muzic - RTL language layout compatible

RTL Live demo

6. Navigation system

You get your flawless Joomla Mega Menu on desktop and your online compass “Off-canvas” menu on mobile. The great navigation system that will never let you down.

 Navigation system

Navigation system for your responsive Joomla template - JA Muzic

7. Flat design with a touch of animation

Free from distractions, eliminating heavy background images, no more gradients, drop shadows, glows and bevels, are there . All the modules & blocks are well put together assure to let your contents stand out. To spice things up a bit, we also added a small touch on image animation effect upon mouseover. Who can get away with a catchy little extra effect?

Phew, this is a wrap for the quick tour on JA Muzic - our latest responsive Joomla template this month. To dive in-depth with it, you can start downloading it now and sneak in the demo while waiting or drop us your thoughts on this month template down in the comment section below:

Live demo   Download

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