Hi guys,

After the Developer Preview version of Purity III released 2 weeks ago, we are still amazed on how much feedback, support and love we are receiving on a daily basis toward Purity III. For these, we THANK YOU.

And today, the long-wait is now over. We're glad to announce that Purity III stable version is OUT.

Free Responsive Joomla template - Purity III is now in stable

Free Responsive Joomla template - Purity III is now in stable

So, what are the changes in the stable version?

We focus mainly on bug fixes for Purity III regarding 3rd party compatibilities and responsive layouts. Those can be found at it its changelog. To go deeper into the changes, you can also compare with the Developer Preview version in detail here.

T3 Framework has also been released its latest version 2.1.2 which is packed in Purity III stable version as well.

Calling out for a "Sensible compatibility" support from other Joomla! Extension Developers

3rd extension compatibility support will be a part of Purity's ultimate mission. While there are hundreds and thousands of free Joomla templates out there, the only thing has been missing is a good Joomla template that works seamlessly with most of the major Joomla extensions in the community, especially the "frontend" ones; such as, forum, blogs, CCK, layout, reviews, social network, comment, listings, and etc. Purity III is aiming to be that one really "good template" that anyone can count on.

As of now, Purity III officially support the following:

You're a Joomla Extension Developer? Don't let your extension miss out from being on this most popular template - Purity III's extension compatibility list.

To make it on the list, I would like you to visit this thread which I have included the detail guideline on how to make your extension compatible with Purity III

What can you contribute?

  • Keep sharing and spread the love on Purity III on your social network such as FaceBook or Twitter are highly appreciated.
  • Showcase your Purity III works/projects and let others know your Purity own III story
  • Feedback, review, requests, bugs reports or even complaints, we are looking forward to them all.
  • Or feel free to translate Purity III into your language by following the guide here at this thread

That will be it for now. Purity III stable version is also FREE for download. Grab your copy of Purity III stable below.

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