The latest of our Joomla 2.5 & 3.0 responsive template is JA Beranis. Fully loaded with great features including: RTL language layout support, EasyBlog component support, brand new module - image hotspot, our first ever vertical Mega Menu support and not to mention 5 more complimentary extensions. It also incorporates text and image animation (scrolling down on the home page to see it in action). JA Beranis is hands-down one of the most charismatic Joomla business template in our current collection. Let me give you a short tour of this template.

JA Beranis - Responsive Joomla template

JA Beranis is Responsive Joomla template

JA Beranis runs on T3 Framework, which I must say is the best of the template framework with greater flexibility and bootstrap in the core. The template is truly responsive even for the RTL languages.

1. EasyBlog - Blogging essential tool for Joomla

Blog is vital to any business website but one needs to do it right. It got to be easy to maintain and use even by basic users. Over the year EasyBlog component from Stackidea's has emerged as a favourite. Starting with JA Beranis, EasyBlog would be featuring in our upcoming templates with better styles and themes over the time.

Easyblog in JA Beranis

EasyBlog layout in JA Beranis

Check out EasyBlog homepage to understand why we decide to feature Easyblog this time.

2. Image HotSpot module - new Joomla extension

Show off your office locations on a static map (which you have 100% control on which map to upload) and just drag the pointers to mark your location. It can't be easier than this. Configuration is quite simple and should take less than 2 minutes to set up.

JA Image HotSpot Module

How JA Image HotSpot Module would look on front-end

3. Our first Vertical Mega Menu for Joomla template

We provide two options for your Mega Menu in JA Beranis, you might want to switch over to the vertical Mega Menu on some pages. No more hacking the code, JA Beranis now supports vertical Mega Menu as well as the traditional horizontal one, in case you want to play around.

Vertical Mega Menu for Joomla template

JA Beranis - Vertical Mega Menu for Joomla template

4. RTL language layout support

RTL language layout support is officially back and JA Beranis includes it by default in both Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 versions. Hope the Joomla RTL community will find it useful.

JA Beranis in RTL language layout style

JA Beranis in RTL language layout style

5. Typography & Text animation

With JA Beranis, we have experimented with some cool but subtle text and image animations. It's hard to explain with words, you got to see it in action on the Home Page and the typography page. Say goodbye to your good old plain text, it's time to spice it up with a bit animation. You can either have your text "slide in" or "fade in" easily by using the correct class.

Text animation is supported in JA Beranis

Text & image animation in JA Beranis

6. JA Slideshow Lite Module

JA Slideshow Lite Module is a responsive slideshow module for Joomla 2.5 & 3.0, it's very light and easy to setup.

JA Slideshow lite is supported in JA Beranis

JA Slideshow lite module in JA Beranis

7. JA Content Popup Module

This responsive module allows articles (from selected categories) to be displayed elegantly with thumbnail images, titles and descriptions in a popup with configurable effects.

JA Popup is supported in JA Beranis

JA content Popup module in action

8. JA Content Slider Module

This is a highly configurable module which allows to display Joomla article, K2 articles or images from a folder in the slider.

JA content slider is supported in JA Beranis

JA content Slider module in JA Beranis

9. JA Masshead Module

Add a cool bold title with or without background images to your pages. Easy to configure.

JA Masshead is supported in JA Beranis

JA Masshead module in JA Beranis

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Thats it folks! Check out the demo and share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. We’re listening!

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