Hi guys,

Today JoomlArt team released JA Admin template Beta 2 with new features, improvements and bug fixes. We also setup Back-end Demo so you can experience how the admin Joomla template work.

Joomla admin template released

Joomla Admin Template beta 2 version released - JA Admin

Access back-end demo

Demo Link: http://ja-admin.demo.joomlart.com/administrator/

Account: demo1 / demo1

Release details - Changelog

Version 1.0.2 beta comes with lots of bug fixes, new features and improvements. Check out the changelog of the release as below:

New feature

1. Quicklinks List filter

quick link filter

Add filter and search quicklink function

In the quicklink list, there are lots of items and its hard to find the item you want. The new version add search & filter function to the panel so Admin can find quick link easier. The search works with both title search and link search.

2. Show quicklink list based on profile permission

quick link groups

Only show accessable quicklinks of selected profile

In previous version, all quicklinks are shown (accessable and not accessable) but now, for each profile, only accessable quiclinks are shown in the configuration panel.

3. Add cancel button in Add Group Form, Add New QuickLink Form

quick link groups

Add Cancel button when adding new group & quicklink

4. New dashboard view - Grid view

quick link groups

New Dashboard view

The Dashboard page is the main working space of a user so it's the most important view. Version 1.0.2 beta support 1 more view for the page - Grid view (previous version is list view). You can switch the view in the Template Style configuration panel, under the General tab.

5. Support multiple UserGroup

If a user belongs to multiple groups (ex: Manager and Super User), their dashboard will inherit profile configuration of both profiles: Manager & Super User.


  • Support Tablet view
  • Check permission to edit modue in dashboard panel
  • Style improvement - more friendly and consistent

Bug fixes

  • Missing Module Fillter in Module Manager List panel
  • Css error in Com Media panel
  • Bug fix for K2 component compatibility
  • Fix style issue when changing background color, create new quicklink

Demo - Get it now!
Login account: demo1 | demo1