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  • Updated on:24 Sep, 2020
  • Version:1.1.0
  • Download:5,175
  • (3.4 / 489 votes)

Joomla Admin Template - JA Admin is designed with improved UI & UX and additional advanced features to manage your Joomla backend with ease. Administrator can build profile dashboard for each backend user groups. The profile dashboard is easy to manage: enable or disable any admin module or quick links. The Search feature helps you find and access any element inside the admin panel. Best of all, its now very easy to whitelabel Joomla Backend and control who gets to see what in the backend.

New features and preset modules support for popular extensions are also present.

back-end search

Free JA Users Module

JA Users module will list out latest signup users to your site, and to start with will supports Joomla users, K2, and EasyBlog users.

theme customizer

Free JA Google Analytics Reports Module

JA Google Analytics for Joomla is a backend Module to help users integrate Google Analytics to their Joomla Admin panel so they can check important parameters of their site performance from Google Analytics in their Joomla site dashboard.

More info →

improved user interface

Improved UI & UX

The Admin Joomla template improves structure, user interface and user experience of default Joomla Admin template to make it more flexible and easier for website maintenance.

dashboard profile

Dashboard Profile

By default, Joomla has multiple admin user groups. The Dasboard Profile can be configured with assigned modules and quicklinks that suits the usergroup, only show what super admin want the user to work with.

manage dashboard

Manage Dashboard with ease

Administrator has full permission to manage dashboard: enable/disable modules, quick links, admin menu for specific dashboard.

configure dashboard

Drag and Drop to configure Dashboard

It is super easy to configure the dasboard panel, just drag and drop to change position of the modules in the panel. Admin can quickly edit the modules.

module manager

Powerful Module Manager panel

The Advanced module manager panel groups modules by position with all options to manage modules, you can drag and drop module between positions. Adding and editing modules in popup.

friendly navigation

Vertical & Horizontal navigation

The Admin template supports 2 navigation types: Joomla navigation - Horizontal and Vertical navigation. More improvements coming in the upcoming versions.

back-end search

Back-end Search

Finding any element in back-end: article, modules, plugin, template is now easier with complete search function integrated into the JA Admin template.

theme customizer

Theme Customizer

You can customize style of the admin template in real time with theme customizer based on tons of pre-defined parameters.

google analytics module for front-end

Google Analytics Statistic Module for Front-end

The new module allows admin to view active user, page view, bounce rate of the front-page page they are in.


Version 1.1.0 24 Sep, 2020

Bug Fix
  • Fix slow loading on template config

Version 1.0.9 20 Mar, 2020

Bug Fix
  • Got CSS error in backend after upgrade K2 latest version
  • Problem with OSProperty extension
  • Can't change user in 'Created By' option
  • CSS error in Theme Customizer

Version 1.0.8 14 Jan, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Customizing the admin menu feature not working
  • Not show 'Privacy & User Actions Log' under User menu in J!3.9
  • Lost Menu Item type Administrator in Main Menu

Version 1.0.7 25 May, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Manager: get error when upload Logo to Quicklink
  • Restyle some part in Module list
  • Get code on tab Quicklink
  • iPhone portrait: restyle for Search
  • Config error on backend on Horizontal layout
  • Can't add image to article or custom HTML module
  • Iphone Landscape: Edit module: content cut off
  • CSS error when set Quicklink view to Fstyle
  • Iphone portrait: Restyle for Login part

Version 1.0.6 10 Nov, 2017

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.8
Bug Fix
  • Some Page display not nice on Iphone
  • Edit Module Page: content is cut on Iphone
  • Can't scroll on Ipad or Iphone
  • Template Page: Header title not in right place on Iphone
  • CSS error on Menu with JA Builder
  • Menu Manager Page display not nice on Iphone - Portrait
  • Install Page: Remove distance on Hearder on Iphone Portrait
  • K2 Page Logo is overriden on Iphone

Version 1.0.5 15 May, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Can't access to Modules Page
  • Missing icon on backend template
  • Error on PHP7
  • Duplicate Menu
  • Change the Menu Permission
  • Show error on K2 component page

Version 1.0.4 29 Sep, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Typing is mistake on dialog message
  • Cant assign custom menu to specify user group, only assign to All
  • [Ipad] Close icon displays ugly on ipad
  • Got css error when scroll down on the module page
  • Cancel button doesnt work on quicklinks form
  • Submenu displays incorrectly
  • Missing button style on k2 module
  • Cant keep changed value after save and close
  • Menu displays error with manager account
  • [Ipad] Search box displays ugly on ipad
  • Global config displays ugly on ipad
  • K2 modules not displayed on manager account
  • Missing custom quicklink after upgrade new version
  • [Ipad] Search dropdown displays error on ipad
  • Upload image doesnt work on add new menu form
  • Cant move new quicklink to group
  • Cant show icon font on submenu item
  • Appears two scrollbar on module editting
  • Dashboard menu should be highlighted when it's actived
  • Cant dropdown to show group user on quicklink setting
  • Css error when edit menu
  • [Ipad] Missing list view button on ipad portrait
  • MIssing language on dashboard manager
  • Css error on quick link group
  • Shouldnt allow to add new menu item with same name
  • JA Admin template page displays ugly on ipad portrait

Version 1.0.4 beta 18 Aug, 2016

  • Style improvement
Bug Fix
  • Module list is not displayed in the dashboard configuration panel

Version 1.0.3 beta 29 Jul, 2016

New Feature
  • Add new layout for profile dashboard
  • Improve style

Version 1.0.2 beta 08 Jul, 2016

New Feature
  • Add cancel button in Add Group Form, Add New QuickLink Form
  • Add filter and search quicklink function
  • Add new dashboard view - Grid view
  • Support Tablet view
  • Show quicklink list based on profile permission
  • Support multiple UserGroup
  • Check permission to edit module in dashboard panel
Bug Fix
  • Shouldnt save without empty content
  • Group quicklink is deleted when empty quicklink
  • [Ipad] Modules manage displays ugly on ipad portrait
  • CSs error when create new group quickiinks
  • Got js error after cancel editting module
  • Css error on navigaiton tab when change background color
  • Shouldnt show edit icon if users dont have permission
  • Restyle buttons on k2 component page
  • Shouldnt hide private message icon when loggin with manager account
  • [Ipad] QUicklink group displays ugly on ipad
  • [Ipad] Filter search quicklinks displays ugly on ipad