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New major release for Guru Pro, the best Joomla LMS extension that helps you create an online course, university, or school that generates revenue is here - Guru Pro 6.1.0 with the following important updates:

  • Inbuilt review and rating feature
  • PHP 8.1 support
  • 20+ improvements and bug fixes
  • Updates for 3 premium LMS templates

Inbuilt review and rating feature

Joomla lms extensions with review and rating - Guru pro

Guru Pro 6.1.0 supports the review and rating for courses at the core that includes the following features:

  • Only students who subscribed to the course can rate and review.
  • Moderation option: If the option is enabled, reviews will be reviewed by admin to be approved.
  • Filter reviews based on rating
  • Review author can edit their review
  • Admin can configure to show/hide reviews and ratings on specific pages: course category, course detail, course module.
  • Review reports: Students can report reviews from others. Admin can view the number of reports for each review and verify the reviews.

Review & rating in course detail page

Joomla lms extensions rating

Review & rating in course category page

Joomla lms course rating

Review & rating in course module

Joomla lms course module

Review and rating form

Joomla lms course review submit form

Manage reviews dashboard

Joomla lms course module


  • Enable review moderate: Settings > General > Enable Review Moderate = Yes
  • Show Course Rating in course detail page: Settings > Layout > Course page > Display Course Rating = Show, and Course Reviews = Show
    Joomla lms course module
  • Show Course Rating in course category page: Settings > Layout > Category page > Show Course Rating = Yes
    Joomla lms course module
  • Enable review in Course module: Content > Site modules > Guru Courses > Show rating = Yes
    Joomla lms course module

3 Pro LMS templates updated

Joomla lms templates with review and rating - Guru pro

Guru Pro works with all Joomla templates, in the demo site and quickstart package, we are using the T4 Blank template.

We also designed 3 dedicated templates for Guru Pro. The Pro templates will be free for Guru Pro users with quickstart packages for Joomla 4 and Joomla 3.

  • JA Sensei 2.0.3- Demo
  • JA Educatsy - 2.0.4 Demo
  • JA Coach 1.1.4 - Demo


  • PHP 8.1 compatible
  • Update lesson view on mobile layout
  • Update for SH404Sef compatibility
  • Fix issue blank lesson when Guru has only profile menu
  • Show loading on modal
  • Add company value to student list
  • Correct redirection url after process payment

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issue can't view lesson when site only has guru menu type: profile/registration
  • Fix error when install on fresh Joomla site
  • Fix SQL error on Joomla 4
  • Fix order of offline method duplicate time for subscription plans
  • Fix issue could not save article media
  • Fix error when teacher saves if the site has Kunena component
  • Fix issue blank lesson when Guru has only profile menu
  • Fix commission calculation error when user has 2 more items on cart
  • Fix modal issue on mobile
  • Fix PHP 8.0 error when create order for free or unlimited course
  • Fix issue could not filter student on teacher view
  • Fix could not choose right answer on multiple choices quiz setting
  • Fix issue sub-category display when there is no sub-category
  • Fix change editor for quizz detail
  • Fix can't view long email detail on Joomla 4
  • Fix error on PHP 8 when question doesn't include any media
  • Fix showing essay answer after submit
  • Fix issue could not create new lesson
  • Fix warning on tree lesson
  • Hide toggle sidebar on Joomla 4

Download and installation

Available download packages:

  • Guru Pro component
  • Quickstart packages for Joomla 4 and Joomla 3
  • Pro Templates: JA Sensei and JA Educatsy with quickstart packages for Joomla 4 and Joomla 3
  • Guru modules: Guru Courses, Guru Search, and Guru Categories
  • Guru payment gateways plugins

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