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T4 Page builder for Joomla 4 is here. T4 Page Builder is the powerful drag & drop page builder tool for Joomla to build beautiful websites, with 100% visual design, drag and drops feature, an easy-to-use inline editor, beautiful website bundles, content blocks and add-ons.

T4 Joomla page builder for Joomla 4

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Website Bundles


Pre-made Content Blocks

Add-ons and Elements

Download T4 Page Builder for Joomla 4

download T4 Joomla page builder for Joomla 4

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Outstanding features that make T4 Builder the best Joomla page builder:

1. 26 Beautiful website bundles

joomla page builder website bundle

26 website bundles with 100+ pages is a perfect starting point for you to create a complete website or a landing page that is beautiful, responsive, SEO friendly.

2. 100% Visual Design

visual joomla page builder

Update content, customize style is never easier with the superior visual editor.

  • Advanced inline editor: update content and format the content inline
  • Custom style tools: set width, height, margin, padding, font and many more
  • Image / Video overlay background
  • 70+ animation library

3. 120+ content block designs library

joomla page builder content block designs

Beautiful section designs that cover many topics: Hero, feature intro, Call to action, Gallery and many more. Simply drag and drop, update content and publish to the world.

4. 50+ add-ons

joomla page builder add-ons

We support many content elements and add-ons, from basic to advanced that help you build a featured-rich website: Joomla module, Grid layout, Font icon, and many more.

5. Mobile-friendly design

T4 Page Builder is responsive at core, pages, and websites you build with the Joomla page builder will be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. You can configure display, show or hide any element and section on different responsive layouts.

joomla page builder responsive configuration

6. Extendable & Developer-Friendly

joomla page builder custom HTML and CSS

Features to customize and update page for developers: custom section and page HTML, inbuilt custom CSS editor, load custom JS/CSS library.

7. Google fonts, Permission settings, and many other tools:

joomla page builder settings

Many features, in-built options are supported to help you build and update content and style for your websites easier: Google fonts support, page revisions, font icons, and more.

8. Joomla Article & Custom HTML support

joomla page builder article integration

The Joomla page builder supports Joomla articles and custom HTML module to create content flexible for your Joomla 4 website.

9. Work with popular templates and frameworks

joomla page builder compatibility with popular templates

T4 Joomla page builder is designed to work with all popular templates and frameworks to create beautiful landing pages.

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