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Today, we are more than happy to announce first preview for T4 Joomla Page Builder.

T4 Joomla Page Builder is developed with purposes of helping user (with or without technical knowledge) quickly build beautiful Joomla websites, reduce cost, save development time and solve Joomla weaknesses like content editing, layout configuration.

The Joomla page builder allows users using Visual Content Editor, Mega Menu builder with other Joomla templates, Joomla frameworks and Joomla extensions.

T4 Joomla framework

T4 Joomla page builder core features:

  • Build website from front-end in real time
    • Block library: pre-made blocks to import to any place in your page
    • Page library: pre-made pages
    • Support all Joomla default elements
  • Layout builder: easy to manage row/col and configure Joomla content (module, position, component …)
  • Visual content editor: make it be an editor and allow create visual content in module, content (or any content which using Joomla Editor)
  • Mega Menu builder: build mega menu visually, using Core-builder plugin to build Visual Mega Menu from Menu Items, Modules.
  • Visual theme configuration: instant preview theme configuration, configure global (theme level) Typography, color, grid with instant visual preview
  • And much more amazing features

Templates, frameworks and extensions support

T4 Builder will work with all Joomla templates, Joomla framework (including T3 Framework) and popular 3rd party extensions.

T4 Joomla Page Builder Preview Sneak Peaks:

1. T4 Joomla page builder working panel

T4 Joomla  page builder panel

View higher resolution →

2. Add page from Page Library

T4 Joomla page builder add page from Page Library

View higher resolution →

3. Add new content block from block library

T4 Joomla page builder add new content block

View higher resolution →

4. Add new content element

Add new content element in Joomla page builder

View higher resolution →

5. Edit Text element

Update text in Joomla page builder

View higher resolution →

6. Content settings

configure content for content block in Joomla page builder

View higher resolution →

7. Style settings

style settings in Joomla page builder

View higher resolution →

8. Advanced settings

advanced settings in Joomla page builder

View higher resolution →

9. Background image settings

background image settings in Joomla page builder

View higher resolution →

10. Responsive configuration

responsive configuration in Joomla page builder

View higher resolution →

Preview Release: Jan 2019

We are releasing the preview version in January 2019. This preview release is for you to check out our new Page Builder, it will include core features and some content blocks.

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