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T3v3 Framework Beta 2 was released on last Saturday (Oh yes, we got too excited and worked the extra hours on the weekend). This version is more than just bug fix release, it's an improvement release. We have gone bold and taken this chance to redo the layout configurations, so as to make it easier for you guys in styling your template’s layout.

The new Layout Configuration for T3V3

The new Layout Configuration for T3V3

Layout configuration has always been one of the toughest issues that we had to tackle with during the framework developments for the past few years. While we are striving to improve its UX so as to make it developer friendly and should provide maximum flexibility for advanced layout configs, we also have to take into consideration the ease of use toward new Joomla user.

Other than the Layout feature, there are other bug fixes and improvements as well:

Bug fixes:

  • Bug fix for JS error in IE8 while enabling Megamenu - Details
  • Restructure LESS files - Details
  • Fix the module name conflict with Joomla core module - Details
  • Expand the select box by default - Details
  • Fix the layout offset in layout configuration in the administrator backend - Details


  • Custom LESS CSS JS to allow override variables - Details
  • Add width by percentage for special columns - Details
  • Support update servers & remove test folder - Details
  • Update resizing feature for layout columns - Details
  • Remove folder assets and move its content to parent folder - Details
  • Detect if Developer mode or Themer mode and if LESS file exists. Use LESS file instead of CSS - Details

New Features:

  • Using JS to parse LESS while in Themer customizing mode - Details
  • Add view Themer option in the back-end - Details
  • Upgrade to Bootstrap 2.2.0 - Details
  • Enable media queries for IE6 - 8 - Details

Upcoming Features: Responsive Layout Configuration & The Visual Administrator Tour

For the next release, we are going to take your Layout Configuration to the next level. The Responsive Layout Configuration feature put you in FULL control to freely customize your website’s layout for various screens’ size: from Desktop to Normal, Wide, XTablet, Tablet and Mobile.

The peek on the Visual Administrator tour

The Responsive Layout Configuration

Adding to this, there is going to be a brand-new and refreshing feature: The Visual Administrator Tour, coming up in the upcoming version for T3V3. This new feature will quickly take you on a insight tour of T3V3 back-end and all the new features that are included in it. A quick peek into the tour:

Start the tour with Help

Start the tour with Help

Take the quick tour around the T3V3 administrator back-end

Take the quick tour around the T3V3 administrator back-end

What do you guys think about these features? Would it be a big help?

We hope so, share us your ideas on the comment area below! Meanwhile, stay put for the next release.

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