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Today, I am pleased to announce a new handy feature of JAT3 Framework available from the version 1.1.8. It's an override of a hidden development feature of Joomla's core. The magic happens if you add "?tp=1" at the end of your Joomla site's URL.

Watch the interactive video

See the difference

You can further explore the features by visiting our recent templates powered by T3 Framework Version 2. You just need to add "?tp=1" to the end.

That's cool, but what's next?

In fact, this is one just feature in an ambiguous plan to build a unique Front-end Development Tool called "JAT3 Theme Builder" where with you can easily drag, drop and edit your layout, change module positions for your JAT3 based templates in no seconds.

It will be an independent tool which you can download and put it into the root of your Joomla site and it will automatically communicate with the plugin.

Once you're done with major template development you could just delete the tool so you don't need to worry about any side effects, ensuring simplicity and the light weight of the template framework.

Stay tuned, our JAT3 Theme Builder will an awesome time saver for your Joomla development work.