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If you are good at creating templates for Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, then your skills are in hot demand. Take alone the various freelance places, where many web owners are offering front-end developers tons of projects at attractive rates.

But beyond freelancing you could also start creating templates and sell them online as digital products. Big advantage vs. hard products: Relatively inexpensive production cost.

Make money with JoomlArt's T3 theme framework

And once your unique template idea has been designed and developed, you could sell it UNLIMITED times (not one time). Since the demand for templates are exploding you can make good money by producing templates.

Sell Your Templates on Markets

For example on a market place one developer is making >22.000$ by selling Joomla templates, since beginning this year. He mainly creates all his Joomla templates with JAT3. And the sales are rising and rising. Why?

Do you know there are some 234.000.000 sites on the internet and 1.740.000.000 internet users? They all need in some way a skin for their website, from a simple personal blog, to social networks, to corporate sites to ecommerce you name it. The purposes and tastes are endless. One thing is sure, we don't want to look all the same, so do we prefer to have individualized look and feel for our webs?

Here are some more successful businesses that can benefit from T3 framework to build high quality templates efficiently for their customers. - A Top Respected Template Club Is Using T3

Gavick Template Club
Robert Gavick
Definitely T3 has shortened the time of implementing a template and restricted time devoted to CSS modification. The thing is that a good framework makes your work faster and you do not need to waste your time on doing the same things repeatedly.
Robert Gavick, Lead Designer, Founder & CEO GavickPro

A very prominent player in the Joomla Template industry is Famous for their great devotion to style and distinguished typefaces, this club is definitely one of the top spots if people need premium Joomla templates. We can vouch for the quality.

You should not lose precious time with simple basic tasks and make use of a strong framework of your choice. It has been our core mission & value, when we created JA T3 template framework for Joomla, and offer it for free under GPL. It should help people to start creating, for the benefits of all web developers and designers, giving more choice to website owners.

Spend your energy on creating outstanding template solutions for a certain community and cultivate a followship that can identify with your designs. Actually that's already how you get your own template club developed. - The Hosting Team Behind Is Using T3

Cloudaccess Joomla Hosting
Dominik Kucharski
[By using T3 Framework] I am focusing on design instead of doing everything from beginning.
Dominik Kucharski | Lead Front-End & Co-Founder

One crucial element in every hosting and CMS distribution business is the choice of quality templates/themes that is really easy to deploy for users. If you would like to test out, you will land on the site of Here you can choose between various templates that the team has written only for their clients.

And we are honored and proud at the same time that has chosen JoomlArt's T3 Framework to provide high quality templates for their clients. Shah, a front-end developer at tells us their "Clients love Mega Menu. It's the best feature for them."

Web Studios Open Shops for Templates Powered by T3

Styleware Web Development

T3 makes me forget writing the whole HTML grid structure and most of the CSS part. Adding CSS and JavaScript files is very easy.

[Our clients] like the way they could move the columns around.

Grigor Mihov | Web Developer

Similarly there are web studios and individual web developers that not only reuse T3 for their client work. They as well develop premium templates and put it for sale on their site and/or on markets.

T3 Only For Joomla?

UPDATE : T3 for Drupal And Wordpress has been discontinued

We have written up about businesses that are using JAT3 (T3 for their Joomla related works, and now it's time to contribute a T3 for Drupal and Wordpress. T3 theme framework for Drupal (JDT3) has been stable released for about 4 months and the T3 for Wordpress (JWT3) is already in beta level.

With the T3 family you can forget about most of the harassment of coding, this means that with the same effort of creating just great design, you got a chance to triple your earnings providing one theme running on the three CMS platforms Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress.

You Want to See How T3 Works with Wordpress?

There will soon be a blog with a video to demonstrate how you can convert a simple JAT3 Joomla template to Wordpress or Drupal in a few hours. And if you are curios about how T3 for Wordpress is like, give us a comment, we will let you try the beta in exchange for some constructive feedback ;)

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