We are delighted to announce that the Teline V beta will be ready within next 24 hours - a new addition to the JA Teline family. While our team goes through the last check for this beta version, we would like to share some key notes we have done for JA Teline V so far.

We are thankful for all your wishlists, suggestions so far toward this JA Teline V version. We read all these long waited requests, wish list for Magazine Swipe Page theme or a lightweight & responsive news site … and many others.

JA Teline V is the best news portal for Joomla

JA Teline V is the best news portal for Joomla

We know it’s a hard task to make a fresh news site from our long lasting JA Teline series while keeping balance between the news site’s functionalities, design and all feature wishlists. Here is what the best we believe and come up against this big challenge.

Quick overview

The first time you heard of JA Teline V? No problem, here is a quick grab of core features & layouts for you:

1. Typical layouts: Magazine, Event, Media, Blog

Multiple layouts of Teline V

Multiple layouts of Teline V

2. Magazine helpers: weather, finance, event, article navigation (most read etc.,) & media (video), trending topic.

Multiple magazine helpers: weather, finance, event, article navigation...

Multiple magazine helpers: weather, finance, event, article navigation...

To put it short, JA Teline V is a news portal for Joomla CMS. The whole JA Teline series serve the same news / magazine category, however they are different templates and used separately. JA Teline V makes advantage of the latest Joomla 3 version (in particular its powerful com_content and Bootstrap library), T3 framework on which this template was built up and our recent new layout solution using ACM (Joomla Advanced custom module). In the next section, you will find in details on what make JA Teline V different.

What ought to know about the new JA Teline V

JA Teline V sticks around the motto "Content is king". This statement is a cliche, but it indeed drives our direction of design and functionalities development and that's why we put the following features in the front of design:

1. Enriched content types:

We extend default Joomla com_content to create added content types beyond the regular article type, including: Event, Photo, Video, and Topic (ability to group articles by topic)...

Enriched content types for Event, Photo, Video, and Topic

Enriched content types for Event, Photo, Video, and Topic

In our old Teline series, these CCK features were handled via 3rd extension like K2. Now in Teline V, you have another way to define extra fields that append to native com_content. Each content type above is built with predefined fields to create and manage content correspondingly. This approach does not mean we have any doubt about K2, just an exploration on the Joomla 3x flexibility.

2. New flexible layout modelling using ACM:

This should be another big plus in JA Teline V. As can be seen in the home page (Magazine etc.,), multiple content categories (with subcategories) are loaded and presented in a wide variety of position, either in full width or grid with different configurations over articles (Featured, Leading, etc).

Flexible layout modelling with ACM

Flexible layout modelling with ACM

Those benefits owe to the using of ACM that controls the content view:

  • Each content type has its own view (Featured, Category, Video, Event, Topic) and each view comes with multiple styles.
  • Magazine layout supports 4 featured view styles + 2 category listing styles (each has Grid/List configuration)
  • Unlimited possibility to customize page your way, you can flexibly add any new ACM content block and define its position & order at your choice. This scalability allows to adapt JA Teline V for any news site from small to big one (this is a drawback of old Teline series)JA

3. Improved Article View (against the old Teline series):

JA Teline V puts the content in the front line of design, thus article detail page is an important section. You easily find new reading experience with these enhancements:

  • Reading mode (new)
  • Social sharing
  • Comment
  • Typo tool
Improved Article View

Improved Article View

4. Performance optimization

Every news site tend to suffer from heavy content density, thus we did optimize our ACM in Teline V to make advantage of Joomla cache to improve site performance, in addition to the T3 CSS and JS optimization.

5. Responsive

In this beta version, JA Teline V is mainly optimized for desktop version, responsive is not fully supported. There will be a dedicated mobile solution in place.

Roadmap after beta

  • Dedicated Mobile solution: Why not Responsive? This relates to the performance optimization. we are working on a dedicated mobile solution to avoid the responsive drawback when rendering unused content on mobile.
  • Typo builder: a tool to add and manage rich content

Friends, please tell your thoughts in the comment section! Teline V is almost here!