Hi Guys,

Today, JoomlArt team have just released new version for JA Promo Bar module - version 1.0.4 with new features and improvements. The free Joomla extension serves to display a promotion bar on the top position of your site which can includes a message, cool countdown timer, link or button, image or color background, inline image/icon, can be sticky and integrate Google URL Builder. It is responsive.

ja promotion bar module released

JA Promo Bar Module version 1.0.4 released

New features & improvement:

1. Improvement: Back-end UI is more friendly and easier to use

The new working panel is easier to user with better structure and more friendly.

improved admin panel

Intuitive & friendly admin panel

2. Supports 4 pre-made themes

You can add unlimited markers to the map image, the marker can be icon or image. For icon, it integrates Font Awesome 4, you can add any font awesome icon class. For image, just browse custom image.

multiple themes support

4 themes support by default

3. Integrate Google URL Builder

The new version integrates Google URL Builder to help generate custom campaign parameters for your advertising URLs. Check out more info at Google URL Builder.

Integrates Google URL Builder

Integrates Google URL Builder

4. Add option to display promotion bar on bottom

The option allows you to display promotion on top or bottom of a website.

Bottom position

Option to display promotion bar on bottom

Free Download - Changelog