JA K2 filter for K2 version 3 is now available. This is a preview version, as K2 version 3 is still in beta. Some important notes for this preview version:

  • Only work with Joomla 3.3.6
  • Only work with K2 version 3 beta
  • Not recommend to use in your live site, this version is for testing and discovery purpose. And it will change a lot in the stable version. Please read JA K2 Filter for K2 version doc carefully before you proceed.

JA K2 Filter for K2 version 3

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JA K2 Filter core features:

The powerful Filter extension for K2 comes with a lot of features to help you build the filters system.

1. Filter and search based on extra fields

K2 Filter provide you the best ways to build a filter system with extra fields. Once you have k2 articles with extra fields defined and added to the articles, the extension allows your user to filter articles based on the extra fields.

Filter by extra fields

2. Multi display options for Extra fields

There are many options for an extra field display, you can configure by assigning filtering type for the extra field in K2 Filter module setting panel: Range Slider, Magic selection, Drop-down selection, Multi select list, Radio buttons or Checkbox buttons.

multi options

3. Auto complete search

The Autocomplete search function provides suggestions when user type into search field. The feature is applied for text extra field.

auto complete

4. Auto Filter search AJAX search are all available

When enabled, the result will be auto narrowed due to your filtering values without clicking on Filter|Search button.

auto complete

5. Multiple ways to sort items in result page

In Search result page, you can configure number of items to be displayed and set ordering for items by: Relevance, Oldest first, Most recent first, Highest rated, etc.

order items

You can also sort search results by extra fields. Select the sorting types you want and in the module front-page, the sorting types will be available for user to sort items in the result page.

order items by extra fields

6. Dynamic counter

When the option is enabled, counter of each value from filtering fields will be updated based on what users selected.

dynamic counter

7. Multiple standard filter options

Besides the extra fields filtering, the module supports a lot of "Standard Fields" to filter K2 articles such as: Filter by keyword, by categories, by tags, by rating, by date, by author, etc.

standard filter options

8. Two display modes and additional themes

JA K2 Filter module supports 2 displaying modes: Vertical or Horizontal, you can change between the 2 modes with just one click.

9. Additional Theme

One theme by default, and an additional theme that you can add to JA K2 Filter module used in your site. Moreover, you can create your own custom theme for the module.

additional theme

10. Powerful and Intuitive Administration

The rich-featured extension comes with powerful and intuitive admin panel with all core features built-in that make the module configuration easy, you don't even know coding.

powerful admin panel

That's for the preview of JA K2 Filter version 3. If you have any suggestion for the development of K2 Filter, please let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

And remember to test run JA K2 Filter version 3 in dev mod, please don't use it with your live site. This is the PREVIEW version, and it should be used for testing and learning purpose. Now let's download and have some fun!

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Download Now Live Demo

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