Welcome Drupal 7

Tomorrow JAN 7th there will be a big Drupal 7 Release party, held on every place around the globe, in big cities and in small villages. Meetings with over 100+ enthusiasts but also little groups of 10 guys are coming together. The list of attendees may vary. But not the euphoria of an open-minded ("open-source") community of Drupal developers, themers and users to receive Drupal 7.

Drupal and JoomlArt

This cool Drupalicon is created by Andre from http://becircle.com

Quo vadis JDTC?

I have been talking with several Drupal users here on JA.com, about new trends, the way Drupal works differently than Joomla, how T3 works for them, what will happen now if Drupal 7 comes? Are themes and JDT3 are getting get upgraded? And I keep thinking about one question of an experienced Drupal developer that I haven't yet found an answer:

How do you cope up with the same speed with releasing new Drupal themes, but don't produce content for them? What's the future of JDTC look like on JA.com?

Our small but not less important Drupal community here at JA.com does not get the focus they deserve so far, that's fact. On this site we do not provide any news, materials, tutorials etc. and it is not a good thing to make them feel not being home.

We are thinking about to pause Drupal development for 3 months and rethinking our strategy for Drupal theme club. We are now actively re-enforcing the development team and are recruiting a key Drupal guru to join us in revamping Drupal Theme Club with better products and quality. Of course all current users won't need to worry about anything.

It is a very hard decision to make at the beginning of this year and I am calling all users, especially Drupal guys, but also our loyal JATC members are welcome to help us finding the best option.

Your sincere feedback wanted

  • Do we need a new direction?
  • Do we need to create another product?
  • Maybe a new identity on a new property?
  • Starting only with D7 themes and modules?