Good news for our JA Extension Club (JAEC) members and JA Voice members. With effect from Tuesday 26th October 2010, JA Voice will be part of Extension Club and one can now enjoy the benefits of JAEC, where one can access high class unique Joomla! extensions along with unlimited domain usage and frontend copyright removal rights.

JA Voice is now part of JA Extension Club

What's changed?

  • JA Voice users will have full access to all JAEC extensions and enjoy all benefits of the extension club.
  • For existing JAEC members JA Voice is now available as bonus extension that you can use for your projects.

Why change now?

Firstly for the mutual benefits of JAEC and JA Voice members. At the same time, merging the two sections helps us to focus on strengthening JAEC club, which now will be offering premium enterprise extensions as well. JA Voice is the heavyweight amongst JA’s extensions now in terms of functionality and pure coding hours. We just have recently released another jewel: JA Amazon S3 component and we are in the process of releasing more.

Will JA Voice remain a focus of further development?

Yes, absolutely. We have devoted 100’s of man-hours of developers, testers and a dedicated support team to get this extension to this level. The hard work of our team will prove you the distinct quality and usefulness of JA voice. Though it gets relocated to JAEC for a broader availability, it always will be taken care of as our premium enterprise extension.

What happens to the JA Voice subscribers?

  • JA Voice Standard license users >> Complimentary JAEC One year subscription, effective from 26th October 2010.
  • JA Voice Professional license 1 year >> Complimentary 2 years JAEC subscription, effective from 26th October 2010.
  • Life Time JA Voice >> Complimentary 1 Year developer membership (worth $ 499), effective from 26th October 2010.

All JA Voice member's membership period will be extended on above basis and extended period will reflect in their member area within few days.