Welcome back to JA Teline series, one of the dedicated magazine solution for your Joomla site. While awaiting the latest JA Teline V (beta) which is about to be available within next 24 hours, you can walk through the following infographic. Hope you have a quick grab of functionalities and styles we have put into this special Joomla template.

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ja teline v infography

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<a href="http://www.joomlart.com/blog/infographic-quick-glance-through-the-upcoming-ja-teline-v-beta" target="_blank"> <img alt="JA Teline V" src="//static.joomlart.com/images/blog/teline_v.jpg" width="550" border="0" /></a>courtesy of <a href="https://www.joomlart.com/">JoomlArt.com</a>

JA Teline V is a hard challenge, so we know there are areas that a typical magazine site might need beyond scope of this template. Glad to hear of all your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!