Complete announcement is on Forum!

With announcement of New Issues / Bug Management System, we are now also looking for active members who can spare their time and help us in bug collection and issues resolutions.

JA Bug Squad

A. Preview :

  • A New Group of JA volunteers to help populating the JA Bug Report System.
  • Bug Squad Members (volunteers), would also be responsible for replication of the reported issue and confirming the bug reports.
  • Once resolved by devs they would confirm the fix and update the forum threads for the same.
  • Free access to related resources will be provided to Selected Members.

B. Objectives :

  • Fixation of reported bugs.
  • help in release of updated, less buggy products.
  • Widening horizon for further development of released products.

C. Scope :

  • 1-2 Member for Magento Theme, JA Voice and JA Job Board.
  • 3-5 Members for JA Joomla Templates.

D. Eligibility :

  • Good creditability in the forums.
  • Able to differentiate between Bugs and Customization requests.
  • Basic knowledge of Joomlart Templates.
  • Any Bug resolving related experience would be an added advantage.

If you think you can take up the responsibility, please PM (in forums) drarvindc with details Skype username (for bug squad chat). JA Shall reward the Bug Squad Member duly, in terms of subscriptions or other goodies.